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Found 18 results

  1. I plan on using my iPod for the media playback on my little rinky dink system. Is it better for my to have as "flat" a sound come off my iPod to the head-unit then have a default EQ on the head unit set to "flat". Then after I have the RCAs going to my amps use the settings on the amps to bring the music to life again? i assume that there are a few variables like the head-unit and the amp quality and other things, but im just wondering as a general quality of sound type question. Thanks
  2. I have a Kicker ZX300.1 (pretty old one) and i have two kicker 300 Watt subs connected to it. I also have a Sony xPlod head unit (forgot exact model). I have had this setup for a while, and it was all working fine until i relocated my amp to under the passenger's seat (i think that is when the problem started). SOMETIMES (emphasis on 'sometimes') after turning the car completely of locking the doors etc. the amplifier will stay ON, i can tell because the light on it stay on, and my battery drains to 6 volts OVERNIGHT. However, sometimes it just turns off with the ignition like it should, and i wake up to a car with over 12V still. Why could this be happening? I should also mention, i found out today that the amp will turn on and off with the ignition even if the remote wire IS NOT plugged in. Not sure if related but i thought i would mention it. Can anyone help me? It is a b**ch having to unplug the amp even time i stop the car. Thanks!
  3. im looking at getting a kenwood kdc 3396 anyone have any experience with them? im pretty much getting it mainly for the 4v preout thanks guys any input greatly appriciated
  4. I am putting a aftermarket double din on wifes car and need help everything is done correct i believe but no and i know the unit works ried it on my car.Her car is a 2006 Malibu and his the wiring diagram if u scroll down the page u will see i bought this harness later read does not work with factory amp or bose i really dont know what system comes with car but this is the harness so wondering what harness i need but dont want tot spend to much money or is there to bypass the amp or something need help plz
  5. hey guys, so i've been thinking that im going to be keeping my Camry for a long time! at least through my last year of high school and all through college. so i've been looking for a headunit with a built in GPS in case of traveling to go along with all my tunes. i looked at all the major brands(IMO): Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine. and I remember hearing of another reliable brand, Jensen. i looked at it(Jensen VM9424) and it was by far the most economical headunit with a GPS. priced at a mid-ranged price of ~$400($299 on ebay without bluetooth), it blew all the other brands away. any of the brands mentioned above were around $600 before they even started mentioning GPS. what do you guys think? watched videos of it and is by far one of the most responsive as well with almost 0 lag. the menu's and interface are very mapped out and uncrowded like the others. looks like a bargain to me!
  6. I recently change my factory unit for a Pioneer DEH-X7500S and it came with a 5 band equalizer which consist in 100Hz, 315Hz, 1.25kHz, 3.15kHz and 8kHz, I dont know much about tuning except for some reading i have done in the forum, but I was hoping someone can give me some advice. I will appreciate very much.
  7. I am planning on replacing my currently broken stereo with a tablet. I was thinking of using this: and then running an a multi channel amp off of it to run the rest of the speakers. Question is how good is the DAC in the EQ and would it connect just like a normal usb dac would. Also, what are some good cheaper multi channel amps. I was wanting to stay fairly cheap I don't need tons of power for the speakers loud and clear with full range is good. I was thinking the RF R300x4 as well as this small clarion amp that seems to work with the stock wiring harnesses: Would these be alright? Is their something cheaper I can use? Would I be able to use a 2 channel amp wired to my 4 speakers? Sorry for a lot of questions, but this is my first build. I plan to upgrade eventually with a subwoofer, but for now I just want the headunit and speaker amplifiers figured out.
  8. Recently I have noticed that my Cadillac will play static out of my front left speaker and will play music out of the speakers in the back when I listen to the radio. The static also continues for a few seconds even after the stereo is turned off and no music is being played. Everything is completely stock and nothing has ever been messed with. A little bit ago the stereo fuse blew in the back of the car and I replaced it. Could this have something to do with it? If anyone could help me with this problem it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. My DEH-P6800MP head unit is only showing display when you are trying to put a cd in, and shows no display when the faceplate folds back up.... I've already tried removing and inserting the radio faceplate numerous times, cleaning the connector on back of radio with electeric claner, and even replacing the fuse on the back of the radio....Do I have to buy a whole new head unit...reply please....
  10. I got a 2014 Genesis Coupe a few months ago and one thing that has always bugged me is the factory radio in this car. I have a couple of headunits picked out but I’m still wanting to find more imfo. Has anybody here replaced the factory radio in a 2013-2014 2.0t R-Spec? Since it’s the r-spec it didn’t come with the NAV radio or factory amp, it’s very basic. TIA guys for any info.
  11. I am looking to upgrade my factory HU to a pioneer deh-80prs, but my factory HU (a 7 inch touch screen) displays the the AC setting and temperature. The buttons for climate control are separate below the HU, the screen only displays which setting it is on and the temperature. What are my options?
  12. My DEH-P6800MP head unit is only showing display when you are trying to put a cd in, and shows no display when the faceplate folds back up.... I've already tried removing and inserting the radio faceplate numerous times, cleaning the connector on back of radio with electeric claner, and even replacing the fuse on the back of the radio....Do I have to buy a whole new head unit...reply please....
  13. I have a Sony dsx s310 btx I got a couple of light scratches on the plastic where the screen is. I can post pics if need be. You can see them when the headunit is off, not so much when it is turned on. Is there anyway I treat them? Plastic Polish or something?
  14. Hello all, I'm sorry if this has been answered a million times already, but I'm desperate for some knowledge. No luck finding the specific answer i'm looking for. I'm using a line out converter since I want to keep my factory headunit and install an amp and sub.. Anyways, I'm thinking the best place to tie in the converter would be anywhere between the factory sub and amp. The factory amp is rated at 315 watts so do I need a converter that will match that wattage? I ask because I seen a converter rated at 300 watts (150 per channel) Also since the converter is 2-channel and the factory amp only has 1 speaker output (right?) where would I tie in the other channel of the converter, to use the full potential of the converter?thanks
  15. So my babe Helga, the tame bmw, has some issues with her audio... the old headunit is done, the volume knob when touched makes the in door speaker pop crazy loud, and I wanted an audio upgrade anyway. The main issue being that bmw, always choosing to over complicate things, had decided to make this a 8 channel system with weird speaker sizes, meaning that any easy headunit and amp replacement won't work. Also, btw this is on a semi budget, meaning not cheap parts, inexpensive. Experienced forum members, this is a puzzle that Helga dedicates to you.
  16. selling my headunit cuz I just replaced it with a panasonic CQ-C9700 I chose it mainly because it had the long USB cable out the back and not right up front (I think they look ugly as hell) all the info can be found on sonic- http://www.sonicelec...KDC-MP738U.html Will be packaged in original box, foam, and plastic. includes the manual, remote, keys, cage, screws, faceplate sock thing, everything. good ipod configuration, you can control it from the radio. I did have one little problem with it, every once in a while the faceplate would lose connection with main unit and Id have to gently press on the faceplate to turn it right back on. Like I said, would only happen once in a while, but I never had a problem with it not coming back. other than that it was a solid unit. asking 85 bucks shipped continental 48. 3rd pic got my greasy ass fingerprints real well, awesome.Now also looking for an 8" sub that can take around 400-500 daily.
  17. hey i am going to install a poineere avh-1500 double din in my teachers 03 jetta. is there anything i should know about difficulties. like ive heard the wiring is different that other cars as in there is no acc wire on factory harness, is this true? if so where would i run the wire to? i would just like input and tips with this because i am not framiliar with vw's and have heard that they are a bit more difficult to work with. also i dont think he has the moonsoon system but if he does does that make a difference?
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