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Hello all.



idatalink Maestro rr2/ w compatible vehicle harness

Kenwood Excelon dmx809s

Incriminator audio IX6.4 @ -3db 

Incriminator audio ix2.1 @ -10db

DS18 pro zt6; x4

Sundown SA V2; x2

XSPower D3400

Wiring is entirely Knukonceptz OFC, 0 gauge power run/ground, big three w/ the addition of alt casing ground, 14 gauge wiring runs to door speakers, Krystal Kable RCAs


Vehicle: 2021 VW Passat w/fender system (bypassed amp)


As title states, I am getting a slightly tolerable white noise in my newish sound system. I say slightly tolerable because I cannot hear the hiss unless there is no music playing or my vehicle is at a standstill. The white noise persists whether the car is running/on, RCA unplugged from amp, gains turned to lowest settings on amplifier (makes no difference), running a temp ground from amp directly to the battery, disconnecting the speaker wires, swapping remote turn on leads, using muting plugs on all channels, and finally running temporary speaker wire to ensure the ones I ran weren’t picking up interference. I have tested a brand new Skar Audio SKv2 100.4AB, the hiss was still present but quieter I have no clue as to why. My next move is possibly putting the amp in a vehicle to see if the noise is present still. If I have missed anything, please so share.


I'm not sure if I’m just expecting too much from electronics that make SOME noise, but I’d at least expect the amount of noise a proper stock system makes which is next to nothing IF any. Are aftermarket sound systems just inherent to slight hiss/noise or am I being too much of a perfectionist with this?




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The noise occurs with RCA disconnected, muting plugs, and have tested with an isolated battery. I have determined it is most definitely within the amp. Mind you the gain is only set just a quarter from halfway, not past the halfway mark. I am only running a 2db overlap on my mids.


Emailed Incriminator and they would like to inspect the amp. I bought an ARC Audio KS300.4 V3 amp and could only hear any noise floor with my ear within 6" from the speakers. The IX6.4 can be heard at listening position. Could just be noisy amps who knows, figure for $500 I'd get a bit more quality though.

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