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  1. Simple as that : Use a fuse for each positive wire going to the amplifier. The value will have to be 1000A / Number of positive wires In your case, dual inputs on two inputs is 4 wires so 1000/4 = 250A each fuse If you only use single wire per input, 2 wires so 1000/2 = 500A each fuse Tell me if I'm not clear
  2. It will survive, but you'll have to keep an eye on voltage. An AGM battery or a second lead battery would be a great option as 1.21Gw said
  3. I have the PRS, it has a clean output, I set my gains with 2.5-3V to have it the cleanest possible signal, but it can go up to 4.5-5V while being clean. I think you have a crossover sloping your output as said by Cody, check it out. It may be a Mute parameter also , must check your settings. On which output RCA are you trying to connect ? Also are you in normal or advanced mode ? (Small button under the HU)
  4. Hey dude, quick answers 1 - Mixing LiFePo4 and AGM is a really bad idea, as charging and resting voltage are different, I'd say the risk is to damage every component (Lithium battery and/or AGM battery and/or alternator). 2 - You NEED a BMS, as you charge between the first (0V) and last plug (+12v) the cells can loose their balance, so the BMS is here to keep everything controled (about 3.4V resting voltage for each cells). If you don't use the BMS, you will use prematurely the cells, have lower voltages and so on. 3 - Starting your car with
  5. Haha the UK people used to call french people Frog eaters in the past centuries, because one of the typical meal in France is the cooked frog legs
  6. And then the "table" for the missing amp, DPS and charger, everything looks cleaner with it as it hides the wires. Now we can test with all 8 amplifiers on the subs. Done a temporary wiring for RCA's, doesn't look nice... First test, even if I have no interest in dB Drag, the legal score (power x 8 so not very efficiens in my opinion + the frequency for the legal score is low) Then a bit of testing with an outlaw score (here I'm really satisfied, power is again x 8 so that's 16kw total I think it's not bad). Fr
  7. Next day was good, it toke the whole journey to put all amplifiers in. All 10 monoblocs are installed, the 2 x 4 amps racks for the subs, and the 2 amps for the mids (on the right and the left of the battery pack) So much wiring to do, since every amp has 2 x 2/0 for positive and for negative inputs (that's about 20 positive and 20 negative wires total only for the mono amps).
  8. That's all for tonight, I'll post more tomorrow, someone doesn't want me to post all night long boom boom content
  9. Wanted to do a bit of low power testing, so I painted my rack, put the subwoofers in..... The cars we have in Europe are so small, this is a pain in the butt to get such big woofers inside... Put the first rack of ramps in (4 amps but only 2 wired). Bruno from BCH Audio (ex Extrem 5k world record holder from 2000's with Rockford) And Tadam, outlaw score, 157+ with roughtly 3600w total for all subs (Magnum metered only one amp)
  10. The first "L" shape part, with the first rack of 4 amps in Then with 2nd rack added Finished L shape + 1rst and 2nd rack + the "Table" for all other things (the towel was removed from the Lithium pack only for the photo, of course I protect a bit when I work). You'll maybe notice, the full rack is made of simple pieces welded, then everything is screwed together, you'll see later why I did this, it was very useful to have a dismountable rack.
  11. Here's the first rack of 4 amps I made, test fitting, everything is close but looking so good
  12. Here's the trunk, and the design I wanted for the amp + misc rack. I wanted all the amps for the subs (8 amps) looking great, so I went for 2 racks of 4 amps. I would have loved to add a third rack for the 2 amps for the mids, but I didn't have enought space so I put those 2 amps on the side, near the wheels. Last, I put a kind of table at the very back of the trunk, to add an amp for tweeters, my DSP and my charger. By the way, under everything I put my lithium
  13. Yeah, 2 tweeters could have been enough, but I had a small space to ad a thrid one so... ça dégage la porte passager aussi qui est déjà fissurée et le pare brise on en parle même pas, sans la barre de renfort il s'en va tout de suite !
  14. Thanks It is stupidely loud lol, I'll post the amp rack and first tests results tonight (currently 8 AM here).
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