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  1. i've sold three cars on it within two days of posting, bought one and got my motorcycle of it.
  2. nice. i've always wanted to go, CES and SEMA. pictures are cool but you can't beat the real thing.
  3. Talk about f*ckup things, i've been following this story ... Richmond School Rape Basically a 15 yo girl gets raped and beaten for 2 hours by 10 guys outside a school dance while people walk by taking pictures on their phones.
  4. i remember in the mid 90s using alot of 8 gauge and Earthquake amps but nothing bigger than a 600W
  5. 1. E-40 feat. B-Legit - Get Money 2. Gorilla Pits feat. Jacka - Keep Pushin' 3. Keak Da Sneak - Get That Dough 4. Balance - Jack'n 5. Da'Unda'Dogg - Get It Right 6. Delinquents feat. Too $hort - Say Bitch 7. D-Shot feat. E-40 - I'll Be Yo Huckleberry (blend) 8. Mac Dre - I'm In Motion 9. Turf Grindaz - Like What 10. San Quinn feat. Beeda Weeda & J. Stalin - Double Dose Of Gangsta (remix) 11. Shots feat. Matt Blaque - My Choppa http://www.zshare.net/audio/665064293a7238f0/
  6. sorry bout that, hadn't been on STASH for a while couldn't remember why i stopped downloading from there
  7. got some bangers and hey it's free !! City Boy Bailey Mixtape City Boy Bailey Mixtape
  8. Danked Out - On Some Other Shit ft. Krypto, Indecent
  9. those shirts got way too much going on . BTW i'm a big fight fan but i've only had one TAPOUT hoodie , no Affliction or other " fight " clothing.
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