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  1. 1200 for one week, nice. i think 800 is the most i've been paid for a week with OT.
  2. personally i've seen $60K cash my dad won at a casino, most i've carried is $5K had it for a car. were i used to work at i've seen people paying up to $40k in cash, checks for $80k and a couple of American Express Blackcards and some nice rides in the parking lot.
  3. that man TOPO has some mad skills . love them cadillacs he makes too.
  4. always wear mine and proper clothing. don't understand the guys i see on the freeway ridin in shorts, tshirts and sneakers.
  5. that's what i was waiting for . Kimbo didn't look like he was getting hurt at all by those taps. guess Nelson was playing it smart just laying there, i think he was scared to try a submission move and have Kimbo slide out and get back on his feet.
  6. if that's what you like and you plan on doing that type of work as a career, go for it , get the experience . shit, it took me 6 years after i got my degree to get a job in the field ( computer networks ), nobody would hire me without experience .
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