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  1. David Berger has 2 smd 18's he's trying to sell, pm him, and I have 6 mayhem 18's trying to get rid of
  2. What scares me is what if kids were out playing and this dumb fuk hit one of them. I sincerly hope hes getting butt raped right now by ten guys in prison. This stuff pisses me off to no extent. Here we are working our asses off everyday to have something and dumbshits like this are roaming the streets. I would go to no end to kill a dumbass like this if he hit my kid or dog.
  3. Business administration, concentration in Marketing, 2 years at Virginia Tech got kicked out lol and graduated from Longwood University in Farmville, Va.
  4. Is it too late to get in that pre order? Just bought a jeep wrangler this past weekend and just decided to go with 2 8's and these wud look awesome in it
  5. Too bad you're in Cali, im actually in the mood today to meet someone. Im done
  6. You must be stupid too, get the fuk out my thread, im tired of the dead beat bitch internet fuckers, I fucking said I asked for fucking glue and to charge me for it and had the run around for over a month, don't call that too good of customer service, so jump off my nuttsack BASSICK. Hate to say it but when Nick was there at least I got shit done when it was said it was going to be done.
  7. Well Anna at DC audio called and is overnighting me the glue, thats pretty sad when another company has to send you supplies that you specifically asked for when you ordered the recones from AA and FI. DC will now have all of my business when rebuild time comes.
  8. You know moderators bust everyone elses ass for being a smart ass right. Guess you don't apply
  9. Well if someone asks for freaking glue and you will be charged for it yes. Every other recone I have gotten glue was sent, DC Audio sent glue without even asking. Glue is completely diff than tools to put the recone in buddy.
  10. FI and AA claim they do ship with glue if you ask, and I have the several text I sent to Shawn where I specifically said to send glue, im done with FI and AA, been repping them for awhile now but after all this bs im done with them when my subs go.
  11. Anyone out there that can 2 day shio be a big bottle of recone glue? Enough to do 3 recones? Please let me know
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