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  1. ATLANTA FALCONS :^ Yeah we got Vick and Dunn but thats bout it that I know of hadn't looked at the roster here lately. Lookin forward to college football this year too.
  2. Yeah i checked out them vids yeah me and my boi are in there I told him to come out to Rocklin to tha show out there but his car is under construction. But yeah I've been braggin bout ya to tha boi's out on the East Coast lettin'em know u serious out here in Cali wit that beat. Keep beatin tha block down!!! ^-^
  3. Aight so i was lookin through tha videos here on tha site and I saw the "drowned out" video ya'll know tha one with Steve and the CRX. What was that first song that Steve was playin in tha first couple of seconds in tha video? Because right after that he changed it. I heard him playin at tha show in Rocklin but never got around to askin. It had a pretty dope knock to it.
  4. I personally like it better than the orignal version. But the main reason i like it is fo tha bump
  5. If u gonna be listening to T-Pain listen to his "I'm in love with a stripper (REMIX)" that shit is nice I like it better than the original.
  6. FO sho if u had 4 RE MT 18's I think u could definitly. But with anything its all on install and build. You could have the most power and the most woofers but without proper install airspace and all that jibber jabber its not gonna do you a whole lot. But hearin what i've heard on tha MT's I'm sold on them those will be my next subs I get after I my cutthrough done.
  7. Yeah that was tha 1st time I saw ya was in Yuba City. Man I remember like it was yesterday. That was my first competition I ever went to and I had heard alot about ur whip and how it beat tha block down. And man oh man :^ that shit was hittin so hard i was like . So yeah I remember you takin a video of us but i dunno if its on here I hadn't checked yet.
  8. Well with all tha money your gonne be dumpin into a sub i hope you'll crack asphalt. At least thats what i would hope to be doin. But I don't really recommend Solo X's I've heard the 10's before and there aight. But to be honest Y would you wanna buy a speaker that comes with replacement cones???? :-[
  9. Man 4 18's in a Astro would be a hard hitter. But really it all depends on your install and how u design your box. I'm not a pro at building boxs or designing them. But a 166 :V i seriously doubt. Maybe thats just me tho
  10. Aight first off. I know there are a few women that like competting in all tha DB comps and all that. But man for real when can we start gettin some ladies out to tha comps???? I mean some single ladies. I know a few of u guys are married and all but shyt there wouldn't be nothin wrong wit a lil eye candy everynow and then. I mean who ever invited those girls out with tha soundstream shirts and short shorts man that was sumthin aight right there. I'm just sayin it would be nice to bring more women into tha sport or around it at least, right? :^
  11. Hey wuddup everyone i'm Keith Drake. I'm out of tha Peach State, Georgia. But I currently stay out at Beale AFB. I serve in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic. Its a been a great job its had its ups and downs just like everything else in life. But yeah I first found out about this site after I saw Steve at tha show in Rocklin. Steve's a cool guy so I thought hey why not check out tha site. And I must say its a damn nice site. Hopefully i'll be able to get alot of info on whats goin on out here. Tips on installs or upgrading shyt u know. And if ya'll got any questions at all holla at me at least when it comes to audio. Aight man ya'll be easy....
  12. Mixtapes are just another word for mixed cd's its kind of a slang for bootleg and underground type music. If u look online there are millions of mixtapes. Made mostly of different artist its not just one artist on an album with his name on the front.
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