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  1. Thats a nice camaro, get that painted though! and as for the bike "Is that a huffy? thats a niiice bike son!"
  2. I go to work for a 19 hour day after getting told I'll get paid for it. Then dont get paid for it. FUCK THAT!!
  3. Kansas now has a law that says its illegal to cruise in the passing lane. So WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!
  4. worked a 72 hour week on a (80 hour, 2 week) pay period, when by federal law we're supposed to work up to only 40 hours a week. FUCK THAT. Oh well, thats 32 hours of time and a half pay, so that helps a little
  5. Wooo!! congrats class of 09 Class of 2010 is the real shit though.
  6. I do believe that man is drunk off of his ass, but still funny as hell. :drunk:
  7. Not gonna lie, thats pretty badass. Pretty nice for a pair of 10's.
  8. ^ what he said With the right power to it, then it all becomes about the build, "Build it, and the db's will come" <-- quote from whom I do not remember.
  9. Looks like its poundin pretty good, nice window flex too. what the hell is the box covered in?
  10. I'm not the biggest fan of country, but every once in awhile I get the itch to listen to it. Im still a metal-head and I love me some Jeezy, but country is starting to grow on me.. again.. If you guys use location to answer what you listen to, I live in Central Kansas, theres your answer
  11. Nissan Skyline Toyota Supra Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Nissan 240SX
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