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  1. The ZVX 8s are great, one of the best on the market if a more SPL oriented 8" is what you're looking for.
  2. I wonder how reliable those amps would be. Looks great for a beginner system. Do they make a similarly good for the money monoblock? Around 500 watts would probably be optimal to pair with that.
  3. Can you fit the amps and stuff under the seats? Could give you a bit more space to add more cone area if you wanted.
  4. Looking great man! Yes, hooking the constant 12v for the HU directly to the battery is fine, as long as you fuse it as close to the battery as possible (same with any other power wire) Why don't you just tap into the fuse box, though? Should be easier.
  5. Is the mirror rattling against the door, or are the insides of the mirror rattling? If you haven't sound deadened the doors yet, do that to reduce how much your mirrors vibrate. If they still rattle, you'll need to remove or take them apart and find a way to decouple the rattling surfaces using rubber or foam. Killing rattles is a really long rabbit hole that most people never fully finish lol
  6. https://deafbonce.com/speakers/apocalypse-ap-w124 I saw this the other day and it peaked my interest, figured I'd throw it out for you too. Haven't done any research into people's experiences with them yet, though.
  7. Stereo Integrity makes 24" subs. Their current flagship is rated for 5000 watts RMS, but they teased on their Facebook page that they'll soon start offering a new model that takes even more than that. Sundown as already mentioned can also build you 24" subs. A 24" sub has almost as much cone area as 2 18" subs. Take a look at the "SD" parameter of the sub, that's the effective cone area of the sub.
  8. You don't need to gain match with a single sub. The only time you'd need to gain match is if you couldn't hook up every amp to every sub. Set the gains with a DD1 or Oscope to get the maximum clean power out of each amp as possible. Gain matching (reducing the higher powered amp to match the lower powered amp) will only mean lower power to your sub. You would need to phase match, but it looks like the amp has a switch instead of a knob so luckily for you that's taken care of.
  9. The QTS with stock coil and aluminum pole sleeve is fairly high ; would have to check it exactly when built. I can also expand the OD a bit to raise QTS further as there are 3 options wider on the OD than stock with the sleeve system So yes, we can do pretty much anything with the motor and sleeve system. Awesome man, thank you. I know what my next substage upgrade will be than.
  10. About a year ago I was quoted from Thilo $94 + shipping to them to recone my Epic 10", they don't sell kits. [email protected]
  11. Awesome bro! Looks great! We do have a PC section, here: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/forum/26-computer-talk-news-technology-advice/
  12. Haven't shaved in over a year, haven't trimmed since February I think. I'm going for no shave ever again. People do mention Duck Dynasty a lot around me, which gets a little annoying sometimes... Lol
  13. I think he's looking for box displacement, not mechanical displacement. He's right, Sundown doesn't have it listed yet.
  14. Awesome shit bro, dude seems like a real good dude, he deserved it, and you paying it forward makes me proud to be a part of your community.
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