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  1. Life took me out of the bass for awhile. Guess who’s back! 

  2. I just ordered an x8 d2 for my 11 chevy Cruze. I've seen post where it's been said the sa8v2 (.75-1.0 cubes) will work but I'm running one off an saz1500v2 ( it's what I have to use since my zv3-12 is begging for more power so that's where my amp is coming from) and I want it to sound its best. But I have no wood working skills what so ever. So I'm looking for a good enclosure builder also in the Michigan northern Ohio area also. I'm a mechanic by trade. I listen to 50/50 hard rock and rap so I do like low but like my double pedal kick drum fills also... So what directions do I need to go? Mini 4th order like 1:1 ratio or labyrinth slot porting, or just a slot port box? And what should tuning be? Thanx in advance for any advice in the right direction! My guy Dave the box guy is out of box building now... Right at a yr from when I've got one of the best boxes I've ever had! Super bummed!!!!
  3. Edit: will this work for the single wire cs144 which is the street beat 250 amp alt?
  4. How many sets r u running off ur 100.4? I have the same amp and are about to run two sets Just wondering how u like them and where you have them placed at?
  5. Not the SA6.5cs ... The neo components u can get just mids but sundown offers no tweets by them selfs
  6. Kewl! I wasn't sure if they would need the extra power or not... I have a dd-1 good protection for my investment! I'm just waiting for my box from Dave the box guy but damn its goin on 8 weeks .....
  7. Bump I measured the mid @ 3.1ohms And the tweet @ 3.2 ohms So the amp will see 1.5 ohm per channel is that right an would that be too low ?
  8. So I finally got up enough money for 2 sets of SD sa 6.5's for my 100.4d . So should I just wire them up using the supplied crossovers using all four channels Or Use the crossover in the amp and use channels 1-2 for the 4 tweets And channels 3-4 for the 4 mid ranges? Would there be a noticeable gains by dropping down to 2 ohms and getting 160 per channel and being able to control the tweets level and the mids level separately ?? Ill have to check and see what the mids and tweets actucally ohm out to be sure ..
  9. And ordered a set of sundown 6.5 components to see how they r gonna sound off my 100.4d
  10. 1500rms I think ur gonna need a lot more than 1k to even get them moving
  11. Yea by the time u include shipping I'm only a few bucks off a brand new zv3 ... Thanx tho
  12. I'd just need one... How long u had them, what coil configuration, how much power has been on them? An how much u lookin to get for one?
  13. Yea I'm pretty sure ill want that stereo effect now the more I think about it ...having that music sound like it coming from different ways is what makes listening to that type of music so kewl I think...an I'm really going for sound quality this time around... Just hope 100rms is enough to make them sound great
  14. You don't think I'm loose any sound quality by not having separate front to back separation ?
  15. Ok so I have made room in the budget for 2 sets of the SD sa 6.5 component sets . So now my question is how much power do they like and would it be better to use the 100.4 crossovers or use the supplied crossovers that come with the components and just run them off each channel @100rms to each side? I was thinking since a lot of the dubstep music I've listen to goes from left to right and back to front and if I wired down to 2 ohms ( tweets off channel 1+2, and off the front preout set and the mids off channels 3+4, and off the rear preout sets) I would loose some of the stereo effect over running them off each channel separately .. Would the extra power be worth it of having each channel separate for the stereo imaging be better??
  16. Yea I can supply 14volts all day long so I expect at least 1800 out of the 1500v2 . But again I only have room for one sub so why not a z sub... An SA just wouldn't foot the bill
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