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  1. Yea I think they're a very good set of comps especially for the price that you can't beat. I was worried about them at first because I seen a lot of people run the Mezzos which are about $120 more and I couldn't afford them at the time so I just decided on the CZ series. But they sound damn good IMO so I can only imagine how good the Mezzos sound.
  2. Cool thanks, and I found out why i had so much midbass. When I installed them I was rushing and only tuned at the amp, today I got to playing around with my HU and realized my High Pass Filter was set at 50hz so my mids have been playing like subs the last two days lol. I felt like an idiot but now everything plays perfect and has the sound I like.
  3. Recently installed my Crescendo CZ comps in my blazer and they sound great for the price. I'm running them off of a Clarion XH 5410 so they should be getting at about rated power. The tweets aren't very harsh at all even at high volumes but it has a little more midsbass than I'd like, but I'm pretty sure thats in my tuning. One thing I'm curious about are the crossovers. In the middle of the crossover there is a 2 way switch. It isn't labeled so I have no idea what it for. It has a left,middle,and right, position but whenever i push it either way there is no difference in sound from the tweets or the mids. Since I didn't know what the switch does I just left them at the middle setting because thats the way they were shipped from the factory. Does anyone who has ran theses comps know what that switch is for??
  4. 90w @4ohm. I'm mostly wondering about rear fill because I think its sounded good in my previous build but those had totally different factors. They were different spkrs (Alpine Type R), in the rear deck of my car and I was running a RF 3Sixty.2 then also. My truck only has spkrs at the bottom of the back doors and I probably won't use my 3Sixty in this build either because I havent used it in so long I'm not sure if it still works (equipment was stolen but i got it back) and this laptop doesn't have bluetooth so I have no way to tune it.
  5. So you guys opinion is to cut power to the rear also?? I'm not good with sarcasm
  6. yea the PWX is a pro, thats why I was thinking it would be louder than the front comp. Thanks
  7. I have 03 Blazer I'm about to start a build on in a couple weeks. It has 6.5s in all four doors and 4x6's in dash (IIRC). I plan on cutting the power to the dash speakers but just leaving them factory. I have decided to go with the Crescendo CZ series for components in the front. Because my budget is a little tight at the moment i can't afford to put a comp set in the rear also so I was wondering can coaxials in the rear will keep up with the comps but not sing over them? I was considering the Crescendo PWX Pro mids but I'm pretty sure those would be a lot louder than the comps. Or should I cut the power to the rear spkrs also and just have comps in the front? Also my mids and highs are being powered by a Clarion XH5410 and my sub stage is 2 Zv3 15s powered by CT1400.1 if any of this helps... Thanks in advance
  8. Bought a BNIB Ct1400.1 from him about a month ago. Was skeptical about it at first because I had never bought anything online from another person but he lead me through the process of PayPal funding and all the other things really well. Amp shipped out day after I paid but when I got it it turned out to be DOA from CT, so I sent it back to him and he had another one sent to me a week later. Even paid the exchange fee himself. Really cool stand-up guy. Thanks again man for the damn good price and time. My first online experience was a good one (That's what she said haha). I recommend him to anyone.
  9. Haha they don't bother me at all man. Matter of fact, only beer I can drink is Bud Light Platinum and Michelob Ultra. Almost anything else gives me a headache
  10. I prefer to work alone and late at night. My uncle owns a trucking company so I just go to his garage at like 2 in the morning and work on my builds alone. I'm part of a team and we have all turned wrenches on everyone's ride EXCEPT mine because I have work to alone. I trust their knowledge but usually when we get together to work it's always more talking and "That's What She Said" jokes than working and I end up completing most of someone else work. They're my bros for life but we don't get anything done working together. Just me and my Bud Light Platinums
  11. Never had decals on any of my builds because when I was stupid and ran all Planet Audio all the other audio guys in my town ran DD and MMats so that would have been kinda embarrassing. Now I run Sundown and about to start CT but I won't use their stickers either because to 90% of my town Sundown sounds like a rockband name and the other 9% have drank the local dealers Kool-Aid and believe anything sold on the internet is complete shit unless you buy it from him. So yea no decals for me.... Just added my HU,amps, and subs to my car insurance and tinted my windows 5% all the way around and hope for the best.
  12. Thanks guys. I wasn't sure what I could use at first with the surround being made of rubber.
  13. Found a set of Alpine Type R comps that I had in my first car (Honda Accord). Nothing is wrong with them they've just been collecting dust in my closet for 4 years. Thinking about putting them in my Blazer i just got. What's a good way to clean them up? I already used a can of air to get most of it of but it still has a lot of dust and dirt from when they were installed. I know I can't use soap and water on the cone.
  14. The lugs that the OP posted about. Either is fine with me though, I'm just looking for a better price than the usual $5-7 for a pair.
  15. Just curious, where did you find these for a good price? I bought a 20pk Raptor kit on Ebay for $12 last summer but that store has shut down and now I need some more of them.
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