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Found 39 results

  1. Alright ive been thinking about this and i want to build a box with two alpine type r 15s and i want them to be on top of the box and the port go across the bottom I have dimensions of w40, h22, d20 which comes out to 8 cubes i need to know how i should make the port depth and width cause im getting so confused on these port and box calculator websites i want it tuned from 28-33 htz i just need help with that and i want to make sure the box will fit in the back of my 97 ford explorer xlt 4 door
  2. Hey there, I have two 15" Earthquake DBXI subwoofers that are currently in a sealed enclosure and I'm looking to go ported. My car is a 2003 Monte carlo - My amp is an Alpine 1k - The trunk space available is 36" wide - 31" Deep - 16" Tall The subwoofers are 6 3/8" from the bottom of the mounting bracket to the bottom of the magnet if that helps I listen to a lot of rap (Gucci Mane, Future, etc) and I'm a huge fan of low bass (Decaf <3) but I'd still like to be able to handle mid range bass also Im not opposed to any style of box I Just want it to sound better Please let me know if you need any more info! Will appreciate any help someone can give!
  3. So I recently decided to sell my old set up and buy new. My dilemma is that I can't decide wether I should go with 15 inch subs or 18's. This will be going in the back of a 2000 extended cab gmc Sierra. I'm going to be running a soundqubed 3500.1 on 2 subs for now at 12v. My plans are to buy 2 more and another amp by the end of summer and build a wall. I've decided on PSI platform 2 subs in box tuned to 30Hz because I love that low end bass. I need some input from someone on this.
  4. I'm wanting to go with 4 CVR 15s in a 04 Dodge Ram. I don't need to hear anything about kicker so keep your whining about kicker to yourself. I just need some ideas on a new box for them so if anyone could help I would appreciate it.
  5. This build log will be coming soon, right now I am currently in the design stage. I would love to have your guys input on aesthetic features to add. Basics Two Alpine Type R, each gets a separate chamber with its own port Box tuned to 25hz Aesthetics Black Vinyl with White accents Blue LEDs that will light up the following Apline logo etched into acrylic Frosted acrylic rings around subs glowing ports Anything else you guys thing would look cool on this box?
  6. i have an 01 tahoe with 4 rockford p3 12s. they sound good but i really want something that can hit the lows REALLY well. i have to rockford p1000x1bd amps. the birth sheet says they put out almost 1400 rms each. So basically im looking for the best sub around that power rating that truly excels on the lower end. enclosure size doesn't matter. sub size and price don't matter. i was thinking about 15s because i listen to a lot of rock and metal in edition to rap and stuff and i have heard that 18s have a hard time keeping up with the fast bass drum of metal music. maybe that's a load of crap i don't know. so feel free to school me on that as well. any suggestions are welcome.
  7. Im going to start a new build have a basic knowledge of subwoofers. But what im not sure about is how to place these subs. The way i was thinking was either facing the Subs at one other and firing the Vent through the front of the box. Option 2 is to off set the 4 subs in a v up side down the top 2 subs close together and the two on botton spread apart farther then the top 2 with a center firing port. plz give me your thoughs guys Equipment is going to be 4x RE Audio seX 15in 2x Boss PH5000D Phantom 5000 Watt Class D Monoblock New Mids and Highs 2x stinger batteries
  8. So my 16th birthday is in 4 months. My car is an 06 Toyota Camry (clean and almost new!) My dilemma is that I want to find the best pair of 15 inch subs to install for under $300 and I'm deciding whether to put two Alpine type type r 15's or two Kicker L3 15's. I'm planning to wire the Alpines to a Hifonics BRZ1700.1D and then if I get the kickers I would wire them to a Hifonics 1400 watt amp instead. Any suggestions? P.S. I'm installing my whole system myself, so any suggestions for good wiring kits and etc are appreciated.
  9. Hi, Apologies about the 'MASSIVE' picture. Basically I'm looking to make a couple of changes to my box to see if it will make it any louder? I'm running 2 15's and still getting pretty mad door flex, in fact my drivers side window has broken since installing this box behind the door card which has developed a nasty rattle! But hey ho, I'm still looking for more bass! I sketched that picture up quickly, I know it's a little bit of an odd shape... Solid black lines are the 'outlines' of the box shape, grey lines are the internal joins of the box. Yellow is a bit of bracing I've stuck in it and that's how the box currently sits. If I were to add port lines/walls inside the box (Indicated by the red lines) What would I need to account for, and how would it change the box? Would it change it for better or for worse? Reason being I had this box made and a few people have suggested it isn't ported right and I need port walls rather than just a port exit..? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello, I'm new here so please inform me if at any point i'm doing something that is against forum rules. The Basics: Vehicle- 1993 Chevy Silverado 1500 General- This will not be an epic world record build in any way. I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering so both time and money is limited. I try to do the best with what resources I have and can afford. On the side I have installed numerous sound systems for fellow university students. Majority of it being prefab that people simply have me install. I have also built a number of custom sealed boxes, and a small handful of ported ones for people to use. I have fiber glassed once and I learned the hard way through trial and error. This is my first aero/circular port build. I have too many hobbies and not enough time or money. I appreciate all feedback positive or negative as long as it is indeed feedback with suggestions and not just slandering. I WILL BE ASKING LOTS OF QUESTIONS AND SEEKING ADVICE! Gear- I understand I could have done better with some used things, but the majority of products used are all things I had laying around or left over from other people changing thr minds. Headunit- Alpine 9886 Amps- Soundstream 120.4 Granite (old school) Soundstream Tarantula TX1.2000D Considering a second Soundstream Tarantula TX1.2000D Speakers- Front: Polk db461 -scratched due to mounting depth Front: Infinity reference 4x6 6422cfp Rear: MB Quart 6.5 Subs- TWO 15" Subs NEW that are cheap subs and I got them even cheaper, its a start... Plan to run them inverted Specs are as follows: Fs(Hz): 23.4 Qms: 6.589 Vas(ft3): 5.451 Xmax(mm): 15.3 Xmech(mm): 22.95 Qes: .84 Re(ohm): 4 Voice Coil: Dual 2ohm V.C. Diameter(in): 2.5 Rms: 1200 Max: 2800 Qts: .745 1w/1m SPL(db): 85.6 Overall Diameter(in): 15.75 Overall Height(in): 9.375 Mounting depth(in): 8.5 Wire- Knukonceptz KCA 1/0 Knukonceptz distribution block 2 (0 Gauge) to 3 (4/8 Gauge) Battery- Tsunami Side Post long adapters OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS, what is a inexpensive battery upgrade from stock? Anyone know of a kit for dual battery in the engine bay on my truck, ik specific models offered it ALT- Suggestions BIG 3- Wiring done Box Dimensions- Two separate boxes. Width: 21.25 Depth: 17.5 Height: 16.75 V: 2.57477ft^3 4" aero ports I forgot the exact length apprx. 7" Tuning to 35Hz I will post lots of pics! Due to time constraints I will devote Saturday evenings to the build and try to get updates that night, currently I have spent a few hours over two weekends on the build.
  11. Hello everyone I'm stuck on wat to run between three 18zv3's or four 15 zv3's. Both setups will have the same size enclousure which will be about 12 cubes after woofer and port displacements. Roughly about 190 to 200 square inches of port . Amplifiers are two crescendo bc3500s strapped @1 ohm. I want interchangeable ports, one for 38 hz and one for 32hz. Also stuck on wether to run aero ports or slot ports . I read that aero ports can get you louder but are expensive. I was told I would need either four 8 inch or seven 6 inch aero ports. I mean is it really worth the extra money or will slot ports work just as well. And this will be going in a jeep Cherokee. My available space is 43 w. 22h. 34L. Any help will be much appreciated.
  12. Im still kind of new at this so any help will be greatly appreciated. I just recently had both my 15's stolen along with my amp. I plan on upgrading to kickers new compRs dual 4 ohm 15s and there running 1200 rms. From looking around a little ive found the Lanzar Vibe292N 5k and its thing for dual 4ohm is 1250 x 2 channels. Would this setup work? Or would you have any other advice as far as a better amp to get? I want to keep it around the same price range but im willing to go a little higher.
  13. I'm on a major budget and can't go any higher in price. But I have a Mazda B4000 extended cab truck and I'm going to power either set up on 1200 watts. Which would be louder and hit the lows nice? I have up to 10FT*3 of box space to play with
  14. I don't have my subs quite yet, but I want to know how i can install my car radio in my room. I've seen people use computer power supplies but only like single 12's. Would it be safe to do that with 2 15's at about 2000 rms? I've thought to myself that if i just buy a car battery for this purpose how would I keep it charged at a stable voltage? Are there any other methods of safely doing this? This is a relatively temporary setup (about a year) until i can put it into my car, so i don't want to get to crazy with costs. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.
  15. Wat are 45s used for in subs boxes, and are the metal thread rods better for bracing than regular wood
  16. Hey guys, I'm in the process of ordering 4 x 15s in the next few days. i have my head set on obsidian audio 15v2, then black Friday special came to play, and i saw sa15 from sundown. Between the two brands, there is $4 difference with all four subs included shipping. i know Jacob is the father for both company, so both are great products. Need your opinion on which brand u guys would go for. The subs are going to be powered by two Planet Audio bb2400.1 strapped, and going on an s10 extended cab walled off.
  17. As of lately I've been having doubts about my system in regards to installing/putting more into it or just stopping and leaving it the way it is. I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe with 2 Fi Q 15's on 2K watts. An under-sized Ported Box tuned to 30hz (probably is 4.5 cubes on 2 15's...really small). Stock alternator. 2 Batteries (still dips voltage though). Stock Bose mids + tweeters. Have NO sound deadener installed atm. Anyway I'm just going to list out the things i'd LIKE to do to the truck soon, but don't know how worth it it would be to do so, here it is: single or double layer Murder Mat in the entire truck, get clean+loud mids + highs, get a 7-8 cu ft Ported Box tuned to 33hz (have NO IDEA where port(s) should be - still facing trunk lid OR facing roof? - not to mention id like to keep my middle row seats), and possibly upgrade the alternator to a 250+ amp. My problem is if I decide to do even ONE of those things in that list, I figure i should do ALL of them just to have my system "perfect" as much as it can be and possibly compete hopefully one day soon. You can imagine to do all that it once would cost a decent amount of cash. There's a nerve-wrecking issue I'm having with the overall Sound Quality of my build atm. That would be the front 2 doors + windows rattling / making a heavy amount of unwanted tones. I figured 2 15's on only 2k wouldn't make that much bad noise, but it does in my truck. I literally have to press my leg against the door panel to bring those noises down to a cleaner level of sound. The lows arent as bad as the highs, but it still irritates the heck out of me. Well guys I know this is a pretty lengthy post but if anyone has any advice about sound quality, the box design + space in the vehicle, etc id really appreciate it. I'd HATE to just say that I'm done with the whole bass system after i put quit a bit of time and money into the truck already, but its almost coming down to that. Would anyone with sound-deadened systems be able to tell me how much the deadener helps with door panel and especially window noise? I appreciate whoever can offer anything, thanks in advance.
  18. Hey everyone! So I've got 6 Kicker L7 15's that I am going to run on 3 - Massive N4 Amps. Basically I need advice for the new box I'm wanting to build. I kind of have an idea of what i want it to look like BUT get stuck when it comes to port sizes. I attached a quick sketch. -This set up is NOT for my daily driver (2005 Cadillac Escalade ESV) and I listen to different music genres but mostly EDM and RAP. -I want them to pound and hit lows well when I turn em up -The maximum space I can use is: W:54in. x H:21in. x D:57in. so up to 32.88 cubic feet of gross volume, if it was one whole box. (The height can vary a few inches.) I was thinking of dividing this into 3 boxes within, for example, have one full piece top, bottom, sides and just have 3 walls inside dividing each set of 2-woofers. -The woofers and port(s) will be facing up. I know Kicker recommends up to 6 cu. ft. of net volume per sub for these subs for "SPL/DeepBass". Overall my questions are: -How many cubic feet should I make my box? -What frequency should I tune my box to? -Any other hints based on my needs? Thanks guys!
  19. First off thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and offer a helping hand, secondly I am looking for someone knowledgeable and is very good with enclosure designs and getting loud to come up with a 6th order wall design for 4 skar evl 15's in my santa fe. Ive tried a couple free programs but I haven't been any good at making it work. If someone wouldn't mind helping ill get the measurements together as soon as tomorrow. I also don't mind paying a few dollars for the help either. Thanks in advance!
  20. This is an enclosure I have designed for two fi.x 15s. (in the mail. stoked!) there are 3 cubes per sub and I am shooting for 30Hz. I believe it will sound good but any suggestions are noteable.
  21. Trying not to start a VS thread but I'm stuck here. I'm doing a budget build for my Mazda B4000 and I want to know which will be a better and louder choice. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS 2 Soundqubed SDC 2.5 15s or 4 MB Quart ONX304 12s Running on 1400-1600 watts Opinions? Are there any other better options?
  22. So the temperature dropped to about -7 last night when I was getting off work and my car had been sitting for a good 8 hours in the parking lot. When I turned on my system I could barely hear the subs at all. I opened up the trunk and saw that the subs were insanely stiff, is this something that happens to other people in the winter too or could I have a leak in my trunk? I just bought these subs . I was thinking maybe it could be the electronics inside the amp?
  23. So I'm looking for some dimensions for building a box for two alpine type r's dual 2 ohm there 750 rms each but im trying to build it for a 1997 ford explorer xlt 4 door i dont want to build a huge box because i have to be able to fit it in a car to take it to the explorer but i want it to have a bigger port then it calls for some people where telling me i should make it 8 cubes but that is way to big this is my offroad toy im putting it in only drive it in the winter time and on trails so im gonna use L brackets to hold the box down i have a rockford t1500 that im hooking them up to i just need help with what i should kind of box I should build i heard birch is good wood but im in a budget with this build so need some help
  24. So i ditched the HDC 18 and went for 2 SDC 2.5 15s on my pick up truck, and I was wondering what your guys' opinions are. It will be running on 1400 watts rms Width-50" Height- 23.5" Depth-19" Displacement after bracing and subwoofers- 7.87ft^3 Port Height-17.5" Width-7" Length-29" Port area per foot- 15.57in2 Inside will be fiberglassed for extra strength, subs and port are facing upwards, port on driver side. What do you guys think?
  25. ok baiscly im wokring on a plan to build into my jeep, i just dropped the money on 4 15" HDC4 and 2 q1-4500d.1 amps... i was wondering what all would be needed in front stage to keep up with that at full tilt? i only have the front doors of a 2004 jeep grand cherokee to work with. so far im thinking 2-8" 8ohm crescendo PWX, a 6.5" 4ohm PWX and 2 FT1 4ohm tweets for EACH side. ill be running 2 Q4-90s. Ratings: SPEAKERS 8"pwx 200rms each 6.5pwx 150rms each ft1 tweet 80rms each AMP 4ohm-90rmsx4ch 2ohm-130rmsx4ch bridged 4ohm 260rmsx2ch wiring will go as listed..... LEFT DOOR 2-8" 8ohm PWX parallel to 4ohm on bridged 1/2 channel of amp 1 (260rms to the pair at 4ohms) 6" 4ohm PWX in channel 1 of amp 2 (90rms at 4ohm) 2-FT1 4ohm parallel to 2ohms on channel 3 of amp 2 RIGHT DOOR 2-8" 8ohm PWX parallel to 4ohm on bridged 3/4 channel of amp 1 (260rms to the pair at 4ohms) 6" 4ohm PWX in channel 2 of amp 2 (90rms at 4ohm) 2-FT1 4ohm parallel to 2ohms on channel 4 of amp 2 same on each door, just put to different channels VIEWS, THOUGHTS, ADVICE... all welcomed... i just wanna make sure that would be enough to keep up and hear the music or if im dead wrong. and any advice on good EQ's for the highs? and what i would tune it at. the subs will be tuned at 37hz 16.75ft^3 wall
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