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  1. you are somewhat wrong.. not every state has the left lane for passing only law. in fact only a few have that law. many states allow people to drive on the left lane and not only to pass.. also if you're going to pass a car it has to be within the speed limit.. by your logic a car going 100+ mph wouldnt be violating the law because to you there is no speed limit while passing and going 100+ mph he is obviously passing every car out there Where I am it is the law regardless of how fast you're going. If you're impeding traffic behind you regardless of speed it's a violation. so if the speed limit is 70 mph, the person is going 70 mph to pass a slow cars on the right and a car behind him is coming at 100mph the one going 70mph is in violation? there is no logic to this.. obviously the one going 100mph is violating the law here an in no way is the one driving the speed limit is at fault. if youre in a state that has the left lane passing only law then even the one going 100mph is breaking it since its there to pass not to travel on If a vehicle is traveling in the far left lane with a back up of traffic behind them wanting to go faster and the lane next to them is open for them to move over, but forcing other vehicles to use that lane to pass is impeding traffic, even if they are doing the speed limit can get the ticket. Same with mountain driving. If you have a backup of 7 cars behind you, you have to pull over in a turnout and let the other vehicles to pass.
  2. Change of pace here. Picture of my car from last night
  3. Hey now Ken, you can't have 2 cars that are quicker than my gti. Guess I just handle to make mine faster.
  4. I'm so sorry man...if you need to talk to someone pm me. Thanks man, I'm still taking things day by day. He was only 55 as well. He should of had plenty more years ahead of him.
  5. Yeah, I still can't believe that he is gone. Just wanted to be able to talk to him one more time. But it won't happen. Everyone that is reading this, go talk to your parents if you haven't talked to them in a while. Never know when the last time you're going to talk to them.
  6. Went on a canyon drive the other day. Had to clear my mind. Definitely helped out, but still have a lot to think about. Only time will heal.
  7. So be seeing another picture posted next week with all 5s?
  8. Stopping a train is not like stopping a vehicle. It takes about a mile for them to stop when they hit the brakes. If he could have stopped in time he would have. It's not like he wants to hit objects and possibly derail and possibly kill himself. Dumbass
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