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  1. going to go get on mine for awhile its too damn hot to be out all day doing that
  2. fi and kicker in the same sentence?!? THIS IS MADNESS!
  3. galveston island is sooo gross i remember back in 05 or 06 there was nothing but dead fish all on the shore, and all the seaweed and shit. freeport is wayyyy nicer, but further away. looks like you enjoyed yourself though, how long did you stay for?
  4. trying to get a list of people from here so i can put it in the info on ssa please put your sn on the list if you plan on coming out 1. coobies5 2. abervintageman42 3. cthedinger
  5. just checked up on ssa looks to be the 23rd of may still in san marcos
  6. the higher the kelvin rating does not mean its brighter the ballasts are what makes a bulb brighter 35w or 55w
  7. i've been building pc's since my sophomore year of high school, i just build them when its time to upgrade, not really into modding the cases or making it look nice, just as long as it performs to what i need it to do....graphic design and some video games here and there.
  8. throw out some ideas and i'll mention it over there, but we're pretty set on san marcos.
  9. beaumont is about a hour and a half away from me and i'm taking i10 all the way through too.
  10. san marcos is san marcos, females to males ratio is like 20:1 it aint that far guys, and thats also where the tl is at.
  11. last year a few members and i over on ssa had a get together out in san marcos, and we had one of the members bring his termlab. all the info we have so far is on that thread, open to suggestions on place and time post up if you'd like to go and i'll share the info gathered here over there http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/Official-2010-SSA-Texas-Meet-t37410.html&pid=636486
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