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  1. Who cares if you “need” 5gig. You want it you get it. I’d shank my mother for that kind of infrastructure.
  2. I was looking at a fun ride but the deal they cut me on a new denali was stupid. I’ll just settle for the 6.2 in this. Lol
  3. I check it fairly often. I’ve noticed they aren’t fool proof that’s for sure.
  4. Me too but my stock is a lot nicer now than it ever was. Still have ole red but it hasn’t been driven hardly at all in the last several years. Been through a lot
  5. You’re thinking about it too hard. When you control the controllers you can do anything
  6. I once heard someone say how can you block WiFi. It’s like in the air and stuff.
  7. Good to see he hasn’t grown up in ten years. He’s been shitting on anyone that isn’t him for at least that long.
  8. You know when you said caddy I thought of chickens. Then I remembered you’ve got one too.
  9. I’ve become a massive beer snob.
  10. Where did you order from. My turd daily has ugly bulbs and that just annoys me
  11. It was probably bittersweet to take those 28s off and go back to stock wheels. But only for a second. That bitch is gonna scoot
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