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  1. So, umm...we still thinking April 15th? Or sooner? I wanna make sure I get mine before Ryan
  2. Yep, got one in red and in white, so she asked if she could wash them together to turn the white one pink...she is good at that! hahaha
  3. Damn man that thing is nasty. Gotta give those 18s some credit too. Over 6k each on music. (unless you're milking it some lol)
  4. Two in. BTW, Wiring up dual 1 ohm to a 2 ohm load via bolts, takes too much thinking before coffee. (Taken with crapPhone....errr iPhone) Edit: still have trim to do, so ignore it all. Got cold again, and I hate cold weather. It is spring, right?
  5. Something tells me the subsonic filter does not work with that woofer lol
  6. Yea, wants a shirt and hoodie, but hates to sit in the car...argh.
  7. Other than basket and skar being all black now, are there any other upgrades made? Soft parts?
  8. Pink! Pink hoodie or t-shirt or both. Possible? If so, let me know and I will order a few. (kids are girls too....yep, it sucks)
  9. Four ZVX 15s have arrived with another comp set. Waiting on another sk4500 and some tool maker goodies. Thanks Kevin! Vids won't be until mmid April tho.
  10. Damn, only if you had it for a 2005 VW GTI 1.8T. In for when you do!
  11. Always so clean looking man. I have OCD and love the organized look, but I am bad at it lol. Come on subs!!!
  12. Update: Wall out... Got some trim to finish and some changes to make. VVXs will be taken out tomorrow and ZVXs installed, then gotta wait for my 2nd 4500 to come in in April some time. I might be loud now. (ignore the headliner in the back...it got slightly ripped when cutting out the wall and removing it piece by piece and headliners are about $400 lol) On first page too lol... this thread should be dedicated to 412 CVX.
  13. LoL Steve, so far you have a Come to your rescue hero, someone thread jacking, and someone pointing out the obvious, that is already covered. Should unlock your youtube comments Looks great tho. After following this for years now, glad to see it coming back to life! Now back to work!
  14. Oh, yea I only care about what you'll see. Want be showing the motor. If that is the new, I will be happy! Now to get the skar amps like that!
  15. Oh tell me my 15s coming will be all black...since my theme is all black everything (but the head liner lol)
  16. 2-3' RCA from the sub out on deck (or rear out if you don't have sub out) and run that to where ever you install the LC-1. Take your 17' RCA back to your sub amps. Install RCAs to input of one amp get another set of 2-3' RCAs and go from output of first 1500 to input of 2nd 1500.
  17. Actually, subs wired a certain way only impacts impedance, not amps. Amps only do what the subs tell them to. With the knob, No also. The Pac will be better and easier. Basically, as a wise man once said, 'They tie inline with your RCA's and attenuate the signal instead of adjusting amp settings.' Basically, it only adjust the signal that the rca send vs adjust the 'gain' like normal bass knobs do. If that makes sense???
  18. Yes, what we said lol. On strapping, he may not be able to depending on impedance. Strapping has to be 2 ohms vs his subs together may not wire to 2 ohm.
  19. Screw those knobs. Go with this http://www.amazon.com/PAC-Remote-Amplifier-Level-Controller/dp/B0002J226O Runs thru RCAs, and I imagine you will only have one set running to both amps. Much much better way to go.
  20. what the fuck are you doing still using XP? lol Work. Shit, the system we use is still on Windows 2000 and some of our servers are server 2000 lol
  21. What the hell man? LOL now I have to wait for one! (well two ) Looks like business is good.
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