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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0yjATpkDxM#t=41 Edit: Wont let me embed the video.
  2. Just wondering if anyone and where everyone gets their clothes online, It seems that I would have to do that to get the clothes I would like, only place I really have where I live in Tn is a super Walmart and a TJ Max that's horribly understocked. I know of Amazon, but they don't seem to have what I'm looking for. Looking for unique stuff, Jackets, Shorts, Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Normal Sneakers. Out of the ordinary clothes, Like normal sneakers with steel toes or composite toes. Places where you would get specialized apparel, Hunting apparel, Tactical, Work specialized / Heavy Duty, Casual and comfortable clothes.. One article of clothing I'm looking for would be a normal zip hoodie lined in, I think faux fur, Its Fox's racing hoodie made for men called fox sasquatch, most comfortable hoodie I've ever come across, I'd still have it also if I didn't loose it. I think it would be cool to just be able to purchase the bare hoodie with no logo, So I could put something on it. I want to call this rugged cool looking apparel but its real name is fashion. Normally I don't particularly care what I wear, I just put on what what I normally wear year round, Jeans, and a short sleeve. with a jacket from up north, Although the jacket I have from up north is clearly not needed here in TN during the winter months. I just wear heavier shirt, As I adjust to this weather I'm sure I'll feel different about the weather. Throw out some brand names that's good. Looking for anything and everything in between. Even performance jackets and gloves, boots. Just post some websites you think would be good. Some pictures of the hoodie I mentioned. EDIT- Added Pictures of hoodie.
  3. Can you really not comment on youtube without being connected to your google + account?

    1. HowLowCanYouGo


      yup. Google fucked up youtube a while back.

  4. If you were walking around in the forest and you heard something following you and it was a wendigo what would you do? I would probably let it killl me to get it over with, no bullet is kill that.

  5. I read about that and watched the video on yahoo, While its understandable to place a package in a place that's out of reach of potential theft, Why of all places would the UPS person not put it by the house? In the video it is said that the garbage can was at the bottom of the hill by the driveway, I don't think anyone would think to walk up to to the house if they don't have to do something other than just being curious, Especially if its located on a hill. Even being said, the UPS person walked up the driveway or drove up it to the house and then either walked back down or drove back down and then just thought that after putting the note that indicated where it was left on the door to put it in the garbage can.
  6. I should revive my paranormal thread. Creppy things been going around.

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    2. Baydestrian


      you barely heard about Reddit? LOL

    3. CommonSyns


      I didn't know about reddit lol, But I feel as if I'm obsessed with it now.

    4. RCP Audio

      RCP Audio

      reddit is a wonderful place!

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