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  1. Well, the Saturday thing is normal, but I emailed on a Thursday, Wednesday, Monday. I only emailed recently on the 2nd of May, which is a Saturday. I do understand the Saturday email thing though. I connected my DD-1 and CC-1 lead's to both my amp and my friends amp. All though the speaker terminals, I tried both right output and left output of each terminal. I didn't think about using the negative power wire for my connection, I'll have to try this next time I am over at my friends house. As for the amps tested, I used a Skar Audio 1500.1Dv1, JL Audio JX 360/4 these amps being mine, and my friends amps, which were an Apline 500mrp and a Kenwood Excelon Gouriki Series 4 chan amp. I used the same way to tune all amps. Leads to positive speaker and negative speaker in their respective places. The crossover for the 4 channels were set to off as well as on my headunit. For the DD-1/CC-1 I saw that I can send them in to get calibrated, I think I will go with that option. I don't think I did anything wrong when using the DD-1/CC-1 but I am human and am not perfect.
  2. I'm tryi g to get a smaller Amp so I can hide it under my rear bench seat. Another 2.75" would incense my problem. Anyone try the alpine pdx amps? They look like they would fix the problem I have. I just know nothing about them.
  3. Very true I didn't think about that. That could be my problem for my loudness issue. Thanks.
  4. Besides my belt, tomorrow I plan to reinstall my alternator with my new belt. I plan do do the big 3, the thing is that I have no idea what to do, I'm not replacing wires right? I am just adding wires on to the existing wires, I have a Sky High big three kit for this. What's still good voltage for an amp? My voltage with an XS d3400 and 275 singer alt the voltage still drops to 13.5, this happen while driving or idling. This is in a 98 TJ 5 speed.
  5. Well I figured I'd make one last attempt to get help through the forums, I've sent an email, multiple actually but never got a reply once. I was told, from a reliable source that if I emailed the support on wccaraudio then the techs had gotten my email and were looking at it. Never heard back from support and I have not heard back from the reliable source, even after dming and pinging them in a chat. I also sent wccaraudio an email from two different emails, both of which work and are used on a constant basis. So not total sure why I never got an answer.
  6. I respect your honest opinion, however I like new updated tech that can be used with today's technology with ease. My 80PRS is good but it is lack luster when it comes to android devices.
  7. My front and rear speakers are different brands and different sizes, also the front are components and the rear are co axles. Fronts being 5.25 and the rear being 6.5, the gain was set using an SMD DD-1 same with the crossovers.
  8. I ended up getting a 1/2 smaller effective length belt. Need to wait for my friend to bring back my alternator to reinstall it, long story. I hope the belt works. Not sure what to do if it does not.
  9. Looking at autozone I found that the stock serpentine belt for my vehicle with A/C is 91" so with 3/4" less I would need 90.25" I am not sure if they make a belt that size or where I would begin looking. Could someone throw out a brand that I could rely on?
  10. Can I request more recommendations please?
  11. Here's pictures of the pulley that came on the Singer alternator
  12. Here are the pictures that I could get of my alternator system. I am not sure if this would help.
  13. Well, for single dins what do all recommend for an android friendly phone? I like my 80PRS I would just like something newer.
  14. What exactly is overdrive? Sorry I don't really know anything about cars. What I can tell you is that my vehicle is a 5 speed manual with a 5th gear, I know that some 5 speeds of vehicles consider this an overdrive gear I think. Mike made the alternator with the fact that my TJ was a manual transmission in mind for the lower rpms at idle.
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