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  1. Its okay, thank you @reedal I will email them once more to see whats up.
  2. I have a deck from 2013, its a Pioneer DEH-80PRS, I believe that during its time it was the most advanced deck out there at the consumer level. Now that it is 2020, I am wondering if something newer has been produced with the equivalent feature set. Is there something that can succeed the 80PRS? I am looking for something that would go good with an Android phone, and have a CD player. As for the price, I think I spent around 250 for my 80PRS, so I would like to stay around that price if there is something out there like the 80PRS.
  3. I didn't mention it but I have a DEH-80PRS as my deck. So I am not totally sure that I will need the DSP integrated into the amplifier. How are Taramps? I thought that somewhere in the past they had overheating issues. But this was back when I was actually looking for car audio, back in 2013. Granted that my knowledge is from 2013 so I would think that everything would be sorted out. I plan to put both amps under my bench rear seat, so ideally they would need to be small enough to fit under the seat, yet not stick out, I'll get some dimensions for the rear seat of my TJ. Thank you for replying.
  4. Alright thank you for both replying. I thought that crossovers had to be near the speakers for them to work optimally.
  5. Do crossovers need to be near the speakers or can I put the crossover in the back with my amps? I drive a Jeep Wrangler TJ.
  6. Right now I have a JL Audio JX360/4 dimensions: 15-1/2"L x 7-3/4"W x 2-1/8"H and a Skar Audio 1500.1v1 Dimensions: 13.75" (Length) x 9.15" (Width) x 2.5" (Height) The Skar is set a 1 Ohm so it is drawing 1500 RMS or so. I would like to keep that kind of power with a smaller footprint. The JL Audio is nice but has a big footprint for what I want it for. As for power for the JL I want about 100 RMS x4 @ 4 Ohm. All while keeping a small footprint, if possible.
  7. My mistake, do you mean the current dimensions of my amps currently or the dimensions of my back seat in my TJ?
  8. I drive a 98 Jeep TJ, I currently am using my old amps in my Jeep but I would like to find a better amp with a smaller footprint, yet keeping the same output RMS for my subwoofers. Right now I have a Skar Audio SDR x2 wired at 1 Ohm to a Skar Audio SK1500.1v1 wired at 1 Ohm with a JL Audio 360/4 going to my components and my co-axles in my rear bar. My problem is that I have both amps that stick out from under my rear seat. I have decided to keep my rear seat in for functional reasons. Obviously this makes them a target for being stolen, so I would prefer a smaller footprint for both amps so that they do not stick out from under my rear seat. The speakers that I have are Skar Audio 5.25's (dash) and Kenwood Excelon Co-axles 6.5'. Can someone please recommend me a good replacement for my JL amp and my Skar Amp, I would like to keep the rms at 1500 at 1 ohm.
  9. For some reason I did not get a notification when you replied. Anyway, I am using a Duracell 9V the normal ones. I have not gotten any email, or response from anyone on the Discord concerning admins. Sorry for the late reply.
  10. Can anyone help me? I've sent emails with no response. Not sure what else to do.
  11. I have a problem with my DD-1 and CC-1, I bought my DD-1 and CC-1 back in 2013. When I tried to find the max distortion on my friends headunit using my DD-1 I got the subwoofer amp measured. But when I tried to do his 4 channel amp, a Kenwood Excelon X600F my DD-1 could not measure the distortion from the headunit though this amp. For one thing I noticed that even when I tuned my amps way before my friends, my DD-1''s signal light would flicker, never stay solid. Same thing happened with my friends amps. I didn't think anything of it until tried set the gain for my friends sub amp, an Alpine 500MRV, that showed no distortion at of the gain positions. Just to clarify I put the correct track in on the CD. For his sub amp I tried all three settings on the track just to make sure that I was not going crazy, 3,5,7. None of these made distortion light go off. But when I set the gains on my friends 4 channel, I could set the gain correctly. To see if I did anything wrong I retuned my system after I got the weird results of my friends amps. I noticed the same thing, the signal light was always just blinking never solid, I could get it to stay solid red but if I turned it down one notch then the light went green but with the blinking. The same thing sorta happened on my CC-1, I cant set the crossover because it never goes blue. When I set my system back in 2013 my DD-1 and CC-1 worked perfectly. Now, I have just moved from TN back to CT, I should mention that in that time frame of 2014-2019 I did not use my DD-1 or CC-1 at all, it was just sitting in my bedroom. I have changed the batteries several times on both my devices and I have also at least for the CC-1 have held the "off" button for 2 seconds to clear it but nothing has seemed to have helped. For my CC-1 when I was trying to tune the systems I was working on my CC-1 signal light was slowly blinking. I tried to turn it off, and hold for 2 seconds, that didn't work. I then just took the battery out to see if that would fix it, that didn't work. For the subwoofer amp, both in my system and my friends system I used track 7. For both my 4 channel and my friends I used track 4. I emailed WCCAUDIO but I never got any reply so now I am trying here.
  12. So my friend has an old kenwood excelon amp, the thing that I find weird is that it is always on, well the led indicator light is always on. The remote wire is hooked up to the same alpine amp and that turns off when the car is off. The kenwood does not. Another problem this kenwood has is something I cant figure out at all. Well I think it is the kenwood but I am not totally sure. The speakers stop working, but the kenwood indicator light is on, and the subwoofer amp is on and is playing. The kenwood does not. So far I checked the rca, ground and I popped the speakers via speaker wire. I know the speakers work but there is no music coming on. The kenwood indicator light is still on but no music plays. The odd thing is that if you turn the car off and on again the amp will kick back on playing again. but if you turn up the volume the music stutters but the sub amp (alpine) plays flawlessly My friends kenwood is a Kenwood Excelon X600F I really don't know what else to do
  13. I've never tried Sundown but I've heard of them. I've heard they are more towards SPL but that was awhile ago when I was looking for subs back in 13. For my amp I am running my old Skar Audio 1500.1v1. I am looking to run this at 1 OHM to so I can get the maximum output of my amp. This is going in a 98 Jeep TJ with the rear seat still in.
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