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  1. red top: http://www.autozone.com/R,2267985/vehicleI...oductDetail.htm 720 cold cranking Amps (910 cranking Amps) kinetik hc1800: They dont list the CCA (that I found), but here ya go http://www.kinetikaudio.com/manuals/khccells.pdf 1350 cranking amps... I'd say the HC1800., but at a cost of 50+ more (not including shipping on the HC1800). Money not an issue the choice is obvious. (buy two and ship one to me for helping you...if money isn't the problem)
  2. hmm interesting...I'll try it and see what it does. Its the hifonics zxi 6408 4channel thanks man.
  3. ok, maybe I'm not looking at this right then, but if you have one set of RCA's coming out the deck and it goes into either a mono or 4 channel amp and these amps only have one output, wouldn't you still need a splitter? deck to mono, mono output to 4 channel...still need a splitter for the 4 channels (unless you want to run it 2 channel, which I don't). Deck to 4 channel...still the same problem...yes I can output to the mono with no probs, but still not wanting my mids at 2 channel. This is what I'm trying to get past...Speaker wire also not an option. Which is why I ask if an audio control three.1 or something would be my fix (EQ with line driver) or buy a different deck, but teh wifey would kill me Not being a pain(i hope)..just want my 4 channel as a four channel...then again...I may be looking at it all wrong. mental pictures are > me ( a lot) =D
  4. Yea, but with only one set of rca's from the deck how can I use the outputs of the amps w/o using a 'y'...use an EQ??
  5. of rca's? Bought a JVC in dash 7" dvd player avx-710...it only has one set of rca's. What can I use to still get front rear and/or sub outs w/o using the speaker wire (unless thats the best way to go)? Also..how the f do you hook up fiber optics on car stereo for DTS??? haha never seen it before. (been out the game for quite some time) Thanks to all
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