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  1. Haven’t posted here in a while. Thought I’d check in and say wussup. And contribute. One of My little projects
  2. Been trying to be more active at home even when I drink lol. but ironically I was on your neck of the woods like two weeks ago.
  3. Got drunk and decided to completely bedline one of my trucks ? Blue before gray after
  4. This was in Chicago. Short ass bridges out there man but there is signs posted all over the place. Soo yeah he got fired for sure lol and cited
  5. When did you pick this up? What year? I tried to do my lights and fucked em up so opened them tinted them just a little and did yellow high beam while I was at it.
  6. Leech? Troll? What? Pack of retards who still try and pretend that something that was never funny is. Stop it
  7. How much of those system was bought on EBT? That moment when this joke was out played like your mom
  8. you sir are a real tire slayer. I'd charge you for tires lol. Back to Mack. I've driven one of them old one love the exhaust noises right by m my head when shit didn't have dpf and def bullshit.
  9. How in the EFF did that happen?!?! Came around the turn too fast. The usual. When hauling a top heavy load.
  10. Tried this actually thought id be funny......it wasnt funny Is there an exciting story behind this? Nope, got pulled into scale for a level 1 inspection, he asked for bills and what I was hauling figured it was the right opportunity to say sail boat fuel and till this day I'm not sure if he thought I was an idiot or he just didn't get the joke.. Just picture saying something and being stared at with a blank face expression by a dot officer. Decided to put that joke away into my don't try that again folder. Lol.
  11. Thank you. yeah, i am i made an account there to ask a member where he ordered his barrles from and i just ended up sticking around. Haha
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