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  1. I'm gonna assume whoever he invited over to his shop after ar. Good luck with whatever is going.
  2. not many people doing a 150 with a single woofer in a trunk in a daily SQ system. It will do a 146 with the seat up and almost 149 with the back seat out and no foam padding in front of my woofer and port. But it's a Lexus so i have no plans on removing the seat. I will be happy knowing my up-front midbass kicks harder than any car i have ever heard and my SQ is on point.........with some extra throttle on the low end when needed. :)You got that beemer doing a 130 yet? lolI was talking about the Tahoe. HahahThe Beemer will break a 130 once you build me that box you promised haha. as far as right now I am scared to cut into this fiber optic system. Just spent over 300$ on a factory amp for the subwoofers under the seats. What a joke.
  3. Member Since 10 Dec 2008 but lurked for While before I decided to become a troll. Sacramento ca.
  4. Got to hear it, no tunning everything flat sounded great, I don't think I would even tune it to be honest, looks good over all new carpet feels good too hahah
  5. Long story short he' fell off in life idt anyone knows where he is at started doing shit with the wrong people and got into drugs heavy and I think he's in jail still for sometime because of it
  6. The other day when we were driving home from autorama I told him he needs to bring it back to life.. and look what we got here.. he had to sleep on it lol
  7. Its a different look for a while, when he gets used to it and he peels it it'll be looking new to the eye lol funny how that works
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