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  1. i also have had bad luck with him, i sold him a set of RF power comps for $200, and he was gonna pay me the week after. he lives 10 miles from me, and was cool all the times we kicked it. so i said sure just get it to me next week. that was 2 YEARS AGO.
  2. Trade you a us amps md42 and a jl 10w1 rebuilt by Foreverbumpin.
  3. There not that expensive compared to other digital mixers, but very user friendly.
  4. When wil the next sale/group buy be? both me and my dad are in need of some batteries.
  5. Good idea. I would but i don't want to use a whole sheet on just the port. but it would cost about the same… And bump
  6. No kidding i just cant rationalize spending almost $60 on the damn thing. I guess sense im only using 24" of it it's only like $30.
  7. i did its all thin wall stuff. this is more of what im looking for (the 12 x 49 one) Linky
  8. I'm looking for a cardboard tube with a ID of 12" and length of 24-26". The wall of the tube must be thicker then .250 (1/4") This will be for my next box ultimately leading to a blowthrew. Not looking to break the bank so less then $25 if possible.
  9. I thought the official date was the 10th.
  10. That sucks man, do you have the manual for the truck? If so it gives you step by step instructions on how to do it. its frailly easy i did it to my mom and dads trucks in a few minutes.
  11. I have a 160a2 for $50 + shipp, or a series1 2600x for $40 + shipp.
  12. If he listens to just rock tune higher say 40-45, this will give the best results for rock/metal music. EDIT: this if from my own experience.
  13. New projectors and ballasts on the way

  14. Your car uses the 9003 or H4 bulb, So you will need a 9003 or H4 hid kit. Nice ones Cheep ones
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK-P7vebVN0&feature=feedu EDIT: Congrats man.
  16. Ya lot of stuff just not all of it is posted. Original xbox with wireless controller and i think 7 games. 2 tens in a t-line JL 12W3
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