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  1. just going through your taco bell thread from last year about how to order shit for cheaper or free... it's so classic. you gotta make another thread on that or something. you still work there?

  2. I had no idea. This makes me so sick to my stomach. Last fall I moved out of my apartment below someone who had them and he was going down the stairs with his shit in bags and I freaked out. That was the closest I hope to ever get to them. I'm so lucky they didn't come down through the walls. I traveled alot after that in Europe and was lucky to never see them there. now this girl i'm bangin has them upstairs at her house where I was for a half hour before I found out and ran back down to her room. so god damn scary. Bring back DDT!!! http://www.kare11.com/news/article/905320/396/Bedbugs-take-over-home-in-Minneapolis They are THAT BIG??
  3. Annnnd, I just found a replacement plate on ebay. It was $55, a huge ripoff but the easiest way. Thank god they didn't steal my remote, or shit, will that work? Hmmm. Anyhow, problem solved the easiest way. I could have gotten a different one for the same price but this was a fine result.
  4. Here is a video tutorial on how to post videos (ironic I know):
  5. Thanks for the help. I hope that iPod cable is standard, it should be. I'd hate to have to buy one of them too, it's just another pain in the ass and expense.
  6. So I've been away and not using my car until now for 5 weeks during Xmas I have it. If anyone remembers I had some crackheads steal chapstick and pennies and the faceplate out of my car after someone threw a brick through teh window. I have a Pioneer DEH-P3000IB. I didn't install it because it came with free Firedog install from Circuit City 2 xmases ago, but I've been inside and seen the mounting. It looks easily compatible with other models. So my question is this: It looks like I'll be getting a new deck since new faceplates are more expensive and used are rare. I see tons of deals on other model numbers, but I would like the harness, mounts & iPod cable I got to work with the new ones. Is it universal ish? Does anyone know what model #'s mean in Pioneer, like is a bigger # better? Here are some alternate models I may get that seem the same or better: DEH-P7900B DEH-P5100UB DEH-2200IB DEH-3200UB DEH-P3100U etc etc But then there is DEH-1200 and 1300 MP models that look like shit with no Ipod connectability. I just want something easy and cheap (cheaper than $100 that a new FP costs that is) since i don't even live in the country right now, so it's not priority #1.
  7. Ahh, I'm such a prick. I get my car stereo done a year or two ago then just troll the hell outta this page haha. Hope you all had a good laugh, please don't kill me.
  8. This is the greatest thing I've seen in a long time. Especially at the 2:22 mark where he steps on the gas:
  9. People here love to spraypaint wolves on their cars. Even wolves chasing rabbits.
  10. Nope. I am not military either. Sorry to be misleading with the pics, I just have traveled to some weird places. It's nothing glamorous, I just set up call centers here and there. And yes, the women are hot. Oh and the correct joke is "In Mother Russia, job go hunting for you!"
  11. I'm going to share this story passed on to me by an anesthesiologist. He was on a trip from Canada to to Europe to visit family. He doesn't enjoy flying very much, even less so without anyone he knows to keep him distracted. So he purposefully got a late flight so he could sleep through it. Before boarding he took a few sleeping pills and downed a shot. He's an anesthesiologist, please don't try this at home. He boarded the plane almost last, did up his seat belt, and went nearly straight to sleep. Somewhere over the ocean he was half awake, in a lovely daze of drugs when he heard over the PA. "If there is a doctor on board the plane can they please identify themselves to the flight crew." He thinks about it for a minute, debating what to do and hoping someone else will say something before he has to. Finally he feels like he has no choice. He hits the call button on his seat arm and shortly after, a flight attendant comes to his row. He explains he's a Doctor and he'd like to help if possible. The flight attendant looks at him and says, "Sir, we called the Doctor for you, We've been unable to wake you for the past two hours, and we had to re-seat the passenger beside you because you were drooling on them."
  12. Hello everyone. Just made a succesful move from the midwest to Russia and all is well. I've been here a day and a half and have been working my ass off so far. The women are hot and everything so far is extremely cheap (by American standards). Hopefully I can check out the car audio scene here before leaving (headed a few miles west here in a couple of weeks) and I know for a fact there are members of this very forum based here, so it shouldn't be that hard. In fact thanks to those of you that have already helped me out and have been very cool. SMD is a worldwide affair. Maybe some pics soon, keep an eye on this space. [edit] Oh and thank god this is one of the only sites that lets me log in without thinking I got phished.
  13. I call bullshit. I was a hyper-active little freak who pissed his pants in first grade... errr.. . oh wait.
  14. Chocolate was weird. Wasn't the girl like retarded or something? Hmm. Fist of the North Star! Fuck yeah. I believe you are already dead! Samurai X I think I saw. is that where the people have like this magical armor they use? Some insane shit when they are fighting will falling from the sky. looking into kenichi and some of the other stuff. Thanks for the recommendations.
  15. Dude, that movie makes me cry it is beautiful. I wish I had gone in the theater to see it. Stephen Chow is the man and Shaolin soccer is also good.. but he's more of a slapstick actor than actually really an action guy. Good recommendations! I was sort of drunk when I wrote this so nearly forgot hehe
  16. I try to watch old martial arts movies and not many give me much of a thrill. However, I do like the new wave of movies using pullies and ropes and shit. Ok, I'll stop trolling and tell you what I mean. I like stuff with gore, even if it is animation it can have good action and not be PG rated please. Also, Drunken Wushu is trendy as hell but, for the most part I really enjoy it. Ropes are hard to get used to but make for interesting encounters. In the past few years I have loved the mainstream hits like Crouching Tiger and Hero.. but these are the lesser knowns. Tell me if you agree. True Legend David Carradine's last movie before his odd death. I loved it. Scenery, Music, Fights, all 10's. Ong Bak 2 Despite the drama on the set Tony Jaa is still the fucking man. Any other good ones you can recommend of this caliber?
  17. OH and Rudy's. The best times in TX can be had at the frickin gas station!
  18. As I said in the other thread. Austin, Deep Ellum, eat some Freebird burritos.. etc
  19. HAHA, no shit. I mean, most places I hear it sounds ok but the wuh wuh wuh bass can sound a bit wack sometimes. My friend's mom was using her food saver to store away some fruit and vegetables in those vacum sealed bag.. I was like "Man, it sounds like your mom is playing dubstep in the kitchen!"
  20. Dubstep is really popular right now. It's amazing really. For some reason half the shows I see hippy kids out at nowadays are dub step and the other half are like hippy jam bands. It would be smart to become a dubstep DJ even if you didn't like the music. You could sell out huge and probably make it if you were any good. I like it sometimes, as long as it's hot out it's easy to dance to.
  21. Austin all day! It's only short drive from Dallas too! Alot better than San Antonio, IMO. But in Dallas make sure you go to Deep Ellum, I liked it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Ellum,_Dallas,_Texas
  22. Happy Birthday. Judging from the pics, looks like you had a fun party:
  23. How often is there an issue with a brand-new piece of electronic hardware made in Japan? Really. You people are insane. Yeah, I'd rather pay $250 for a camera instead of $150 in case the one in 10 million chance that I receive a defective product occurs so I can only go a day without it instead of a week. You still gotta saddle up the horses and head into town. Not everyone is a big city slicker like you.
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