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  1. how this for ya haha (there is 2 chickens sewn on the inside of the pig)
  2. i forgot where i had seen it but it was in a panda or marbella they did steel no wall setup and were using 1"+thick plate for everything edit- fuck it was murillo from soundigital this was the plate he was using (his photo)
  3. what crap are you smoking in db drag subs pass side port driver side is the loudest spl period........ no matter the car i wouldnt wast my time doing a wall with those subs but that me he speaks the truth
  4. take piece .25" wood make it slightly smaller then the square then glue/screw it on then carpet it all and fold carpet into the square
  5. only problem with welding wire is it dont like the heat and tends to melt/expose over time in engine compartment if near HOT things so you want to make sure you use a heat resistant sheath
  6. thats good price on the wire i wish i had the extra cash/ need for that wire whats the deal with the mtx amp? more info
  7. Mhmm port area (wall was ment for 2-18s)
  8. its what i used to clean before i layed shit down- it evaporates fast too which is nice and it is relatively cheap
  9. Decibels Sound Source 150 Firecracker 120 Ambulance siren 110 Chain saw, Rock concert 105 Personal stereo system at maximum level 100 Wood shop, Snowmobile 95 Motorcycle 90 Power mower 85 Heavy city traffic 60 Normal conversation 40 Refrigerator humming 30 Whispered voice 0 Threshold of normal hearing notice how there all high frequency's though
  10. thats the thing if you dont know the answer 100% dont try and give answers to others who are looking for propper answer not something i once heard from a buddy who blew out his windshield blah blah blah.... nothing worst then bad information and i know i may come off as a dick but the blind leading the blind aint always the best route
  11. haha my thoughts exactly... i mean the guys educated and all but not somone you name when it comes to "knowing it all"
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