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  1. I read somewhere lithium doesn't work with car audio..
  2. The spec sheet is way off. its less than 1k watt amp. They can tell you all they want about 5k watts but boss doesn't have one close to doing that.
  3. You probably got the luck of a tranny that has a very bad rep. I also own a v10 and have read many people having problems with the tranny.
  4. I stick with my garage walls and basement walls unless people want me to do bedrooms or businesses other than that I stick with doing my own stuff. Just had a friend that was on probation get out of prison for graffiti. He has 12 grand in fines for the shit. Id never let that happen to me. I have some blackbooks somewhere that I can dig up this week and take pictures of
  5. I have a lot of tips and use the same one on many cans but I'm running out of paint! I'm looking at getting some montana gold but the rusto is working good for now. After using montana I've liked it a lot!! Here's a really simple half done tag for my girlfriend for a grad pic last year
  6. I haven't for about a year but I do.. I could probably find some pictures of my work. I still have a bag of like 400 tips like ny thins and yellow and blue dots.
  7. You can get a fake suede but of good quality for about 60 a yd but the read suede is 400-500 a yd.
  8. Thanks man! And Ive had those chrome things on since the 1900's when I got another Benz that came with those, once I sold that Benz it's been handed down onto many benzs that I've had all the way to this one and I've never had a problem with rust or paint chipping..lol thanks for the tip though. No problem! I just don't want anybody going through what I did lol. Them new rims really set it off. I always like getting used rims really cheap! I bought 24s for my truck for 300 before and 150 for a set of 20s with brand new tires
  9. Hope you have a big pocket book to do the suede. Did suede headliner in a excursion and civic and its expensive. Suede isn't cheap
  10. New rims look good! I would take them chrome fender things off if I was you. I bought my truck with them same ones and it held rain water and started flaking off paint and surface rust started. Its a pain in the ass to fix! I wouldn't want to do it to a car that clean either!
  11. What are good laptops that have enough memory for a lot of movies and music and gaming? I'm looking at getting a 17" laptop was almost thinking the dell with removable cover for 800 on their website. Said its a replacement for a desktop. What's other good ones in that price range? I will use it for multiple windows open for internet and graphic design also. Thanks
  12. I love texas style caddies! Them 20s on it? I like the tires a lot! Seen a newer caddy in dallas that had them kind of rims with the same tires but it was black. I like the look of them rims on a caddy.
  13. Yeah we are thinking of doing a color in it or something to further cover it up. just got a little late so we stopped at that Yeah that would help, but it definitely looks good how it looks good how it is though. People in the streets might not notice it too much. I think those of us that did notice is was because we knew it was a cover up and because we knew what was being covered so that kind of made the original tatt easier to find. True. And I don't think people will get close enough and stare long enough to notice lol its hard covering up them indian ink scarred tattoos lol it takes a little time to cover that stuff up
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