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  1. If it makes you feel any better I became a Aunt at the age of 8 (I think) and a Great Aunt at the age of 30.
  2. Well hell I'd be in trouble then lol
  3. I see a future MECA Kid World Champ Holder @ 6 mths in a stroller!!!!
  4. Congrats Steve, although you do have that right as her father to be upset, our kids are supposed to learn from our mistakes.
  5. Click on the 2nd link it has the info defaulting on a car loan you might want to search that term for your state
  6. Well I'm a country girl at heart so naturally (Sierra Renee, Lacey Leigh, Miranda Raine) Boys the only one thats ever stuck out to me is Austin Lee,
  7. Fair Debt Collection What types of debt collection practices are prohibited? Collection activities are strictly regulated, and it isn't possible to list each and every act that violates the law. Still, some common examples are: use threats of violence or harm; publish a list of consumers who refuse to pay their debts (except to a credit bureau); use obscene or profane language; or repeatedly use the telephone to annoy someone. falsely imply that they are attorneys or government representatives; falsely imply that you have committed a crime; falsely represent that they operate or work for a credit bureau; misrepresent the amount of your debt; indicate that papers being sent to you are legal forms when they are not; or indicate that papers being sent to you are not legal forms when they are. state you will be arrested if you do not pay your debt; state they will seize, garnish, attach, or sell your property or wages, unless the collection agency or creditor intends to do so, and it is legal to do so; or actions, such as a lawsuit, will be taken against you, when such action legally may not be taken, or when they do not intend to take such action. give false credit information about you to anyone, including a credit bureau; send you anything that looks like an official document from a court or government agency when it is not; or use a false name. collect any amount greater than your debt, unless your state law permits such a charge; deposit a post-dated check prematurely; use deception to make you accept collect calls or pay for telegrams; take or threaten to take your property unless this can be done legally; or contact you by postcard. http://www.bcsallian...y_debt_sol.html State Statutes of Limitation on Debt Collection If a debt collector contacts you regarding an old debt, do not admit that you owe the debt and do not agree to make any payments. Simply tell them that the "statute of limitations has run on this debt and do not contact me again". If they continue contacting you, send them a certified letter, return receipt requested, telling them not to contact you about the debt again. Remember -- DO NOT ADMIT THAT YOU OWE THE DEBT, DO NOT AGREE TO PAY THE DEBT, AND DO NOT AGREE TO SEND ANY MONEY TO THEM. If you do, then the statute of limitations might start running all over again, giving them the legal right to sue you.
  8. 16. Iowa Wage Garnishment Garnishments last for seventy days. The maximum part of an individual's aggregate disposable earnings for the workweek that is subject to garnishment in Indiana is the lesser of: 1. 25% of the disposable earnings; or 2. The amount of the disposable earnings that exceed 40 times the federal minimum hourly wage. There is a sliding scale per creditor (not per judgment) ranging from $250 to 10% of annual wages, depending on annual wages. Public employees can be garnisheed. http://www.fair-debt...shments.html#16 § 303. Restriction on garnishment (a) Except as provided in subsection ( and in section 305, the maximum part of the aggregatedisposable earnings of an individual for any workweek which is subjected to garnishmentmay not exceed (1) 25 per centum of his disposable earnings for that week, or (2) the amount by which his disposable earnings for that week exceed -thirty times theFederal minimum hourly wage prescribed by section 6(a)(1) of the Fair LaborStandards Act of 1938 in effect at the time the earnings are payable, whichever is less. In the case of earnings for any pay period other than a week, the Secretary of Labor shall by regulation prescribe a multiple of the Federal minimumhourly wage equivalent in effect to that set forth in paragraph (2).( (1) The restrictions of subsection (a) do not apply in the case of (A) any order for the support of any person issued by a court of competent jurisdiction or in accordance with an administrative procedure, which is established by State law, which affords substantial due process, and which is subject to judicial review. ( any order of any court of bankruptcy under chapter XIII of the Bankruptcy Act. © any debt due for any State or Federal tax. (2) The maximum part of the aggregate disposable earnings of an individual for anyworkweek which is subject to garnishment to enforce any order for the support of anyperson shall not exceed (A) where such individual is supporting his spouse or dependent child (other than a spouse or child with respect to whose support such order is used), 50 per centum of such individual's disposable earnings for that week; and ( where such individual is not supporting such a spouse or dependent child described in clause (A), 60 per centum of such individual's disposable earnings for that week;except that, with respect to the disposable earnings of any individual for any workweek, the50 per centum specified in clause (A) shall be deemed to be 55 per centum and the 60centum specified in clause ( shall be deemed to be 65 per centum, if and to the extent that suchearnings are subject to garnishment to enforce a support order with respect to a period which isprior to the twelve-week period which ends with the beginning of such workweek. © No court of the United States or any State, and no State (or officer or agencythereof), may make, execute, or enforce any order or process in violation of this section. https://iforms.osha-...1659/wh1280.pdf
  9. you need to look up your state garnishment rates as to how much they can take from your check
  10. 1 bad apple out of 1000 good seeds....... And he didnt punch him he bitch slapped big difference
  11. Well I dont have to worry about crashing any more. I was put on Seroquel XR, now i have to deal with numbers in the 170's - 200 range.
  12. looks like they aimed pretty damn low me to specially with has high as your truck is.
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