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  1. Sure is coming along nicely! Front end blacked out looks sick! Totally agree on not tinting the fronts..I learned the hard way..
  2. Check out your local Ace Hardware. We have lifetime warranty on our tools and there priced fair and great quality! Good luck at the new job!
  3. Looks great im hoping to have my left arm done my x-mas. All memorial for my Mom that passed. Really digging the color on yours.
  4. truck looks great with the them rims and tires but as everyone says needs a leveling kit..just wondering where can i find a tool box like that?
  5. Hey i was just wondering if someone could murder out my tbird for me...same rims just black...black paint and tint the windows...suprise me dunkaholic haha you do good chops...
  6. its alright man thanks alot for doin it...iirc those are iroc rims? i realli like em
  7. thanks man shoulda just did red over teh stripes but thats fine...and wtf is with the pig man
  8. Hey everyone im visiting some friends here in Gulf Shores, alabama area. Just wondering if anyone is around here. Maybe meet up get to see some systems? Just let me know..ill be down here a good week or so.
  9. like they have said ya dont need it, but if ya had one it would help alot...
  10. hey just lookin for someone to paint it all red and all black. THanks
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