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  1. dude, tell me no one is really standing or stomping on people. I was just screwing around. I can just imagine some kid getting his back screwed up and that shit being on the news, and someone getting locked up. If you want to mess with them, take a piss on them while they are planking, and tell them they got waterboarded. They will figure it out eventually.
  2. [quote name= Gem132' timestamp='1311476434' post='1621873] yeah someone over here in Aus tried planking 7 stories up on the balcony edge DRUNK and fell to his death, thats when it really shot up over here nearly every person i had on facebook would put some pictures up, even the radio stations and news reporters were getting in on it. i think its the stupidest fucking thing ever, call me a sick bastard, but whats done is done. So how hilarious would it be to go lay down beside the former planker and do what else? plank! but your friends would have to take a picture. as far as stepping on them and walking the plank, I was joking. No one should do this. But if you do, for God's sakes, make a pirate noise when you do it.
  3. you just blew my mind... genius ! thank you, sir. I thought that was a good one.
  4. start a new trend. when you see someone planking, stomp on them and call it walking the plank.
  5. how about Fokkenhertz? as in that fokkenhertz my head. And it has that cool German sound to it.
  6. Harass whitey is an unwritten law in Georgia. Alabama, too. young ass punks mad cause a white guy is driving around in a brand new vehicle. Should have told him that bitches are the guys with their pants pulled down below their waist with their drawers hanging out. But they will find out about that soon enough when they get to prison, which I am pretty sure that is where most of them will end up. update... did some research. Apparantly, "bitch" is Swahili for "my white brother". When you raise your fist and say it to a white guy it means "Hello white brother, we welcome you to our humble community with open arms!". lol. sorry, couldnt help that one.
  7. You don't use your index finger while bowling...... i dont bowl. didnt think about it. I should have said you just use two fingers.
  8. there has been studies that show if a woman that is pregnant smokes pot her kid is as smarter or smarter than other kids that there moms did no drugs. i want to see proof of your claim that it makes ppl dumb not just your ramblings you are talking about proof after that last statement about pregnant women? My sister smoked that shit and her kid bounces off the fucking walls and has add. Show me some proof of this study on pregnant women. Where was this study done and who paid for it? I have a hard time believing a study was done on stoned mothers. Did your mother smoke weed while pregnant?
  9. Thats not really the case, marijuana is used for multiple thing not just getting high. Ropes, paper, clothes, helps nausia, eating disorders, and symptoms of cancer and treatments. Its not a bunch of people wearing tie dye toting bongs around with red eyes. Its doctors, business men and women, maybe even your neighbors no wonder doctors charge so much. They are freaking pot heads, and are probably smoking the most high dollar shit you can get. Do you want a dope smoking doctor working on you? I dont. I wonder it that might have something to do with the high rate of doctor errors in the US, many of which result in death.
  10. why not? American kids are already about as stupid as you can get. We are very low ranking in terms of education. I can say from experience that smoking marijuana at an early age stunts your mental development. Do you really wonder why all these fucking rappers are retarded? They werent geniuses to start with, but a but 18 blunts a day cant be helping. They cant all be inbred. There has to be a common factor. Proven fact that weed slows mental development. And if you cant keep underage kids from drinking, how are you going to stop them from getting weed. Its already to easy to get, and way to expensive. On top of that, the economy is fucked. Who the hell has $125.00 for some overpriced chronic anyway? As far as medical goes, when was the last time you had a doctor tell you to SMOKE your medicine. Get real. I smoked for 18 years. I have never smoked cigarettes, so the damage I have must be from pot, right? never smoked crack or any of that shit. I can tell you for sure, my lungs are fucked. But on the other hand, America is dying anyway, might as well legalize some drugs, right? Lets get coke and meth on the menu to while were at it. After that we can all talk about legalizing opiates next. Good times!
  11. What's on your mind?

  12. you would be the man if you pulled that off. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  13. Now you aren't even close. lol. 1. Female 2. Big name 3. Country/Pop music Lady Antebellum? Big name- 14 letters? damn i lost. game over. Taylor Swift? i'd hit that.
  14. Lords of Acid? Bjork? MC Lyte? Tatu? Kelly Clarkson, she's still a little chunky, right?
  15. lets see. 1. big. 2. female singer. Is it Susan Boyle? I love this game.
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