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  1. how about Fokkenhertz? as in that fokkenhertz my head. And it has that cool German sound to it.
  2. there has been studies that show if a woman that is pregnant smokes pot her kid is as smarter or smarter than other kids that there moms did no drugs. i want to see proof of your claim that it makes ppl dumb not just your ramblings you are talking about proof after that last statement about pregnant women? My sister smoked that shit and her kid bounces off the fucking walls and has add. Show me some proof of this study on pregnant women. Where was this study done and who paid for it? I have a hard time believing a study was done on stoned mothers. Did your mother smoke weed while pregnant?
  3. Thats not really the case, marijuana is used for multiple thing not just getting high. Ropes, paper, clothes, helps nausia, eating disorders, and symptoms of cancer and treatments. Its not a bunch of people wearing tie dye toting bongs around with red eyes. Its doctors, business men and women, maybe even your neighbors no wonder doctors charge so much. They are freaking pot heads, and are probably smoking the most high dollar shit you can get. Do you want a dope smoking doctor working on you? I dont. I wonder it that might have something to do with the high rate of doctor errors in the US, many of which result in death.
  4. why not? American kids are already about as stupid as you can get. We are very low ranking in terms of education. I can say from experience that smoking marijuana at an early age stunts your mental development. Do you really wonder why all these fucking rappers are retarded? They werent geniuses to start with, but a but 18 blunts a day cant be helping. They cant all be inbred. There has to be a common factor. Proven fact that weed slows mental development. And if you cant keep underage kids from drinking, how are you going to stop them from getting weed. Its already to easy to get, and way to expensive. On top of that, the economy is fucked. Who the hell has $125.00 for some overpriced chronic anyway? As far as medical goes, when was the last time you had a doctor tell you to SMOKE your medicine. Get real. I smoked for 18 years. I have never smoked cigarettes, so the damage I have must be from pot, right? never smoked crack or any of that shit. I can tell you for sure, my lungs are fucked. But on the other hand, America is dying anyway, might as well legalize some drugs, right? Lets get coke and meth on the menu to while were at it. After that we can all talk about legalizing opiates next. Good times!
  5. What's on your mind?

  6. Body? I wanna see it too... So many people quick to believe the most lying, corrupt government of all time... You guys are still claiming this? What a joke. Im not going to keep getting off topic. This proved that our military is nothing like we think. We are nowhere near as good. Really? We killed him within 48 hrs of 9/11... His ghost just lived on... He was the ultimate boogey man... Look at ANY picture of the supposed Bin Laden pre 9/11, vs. Post 9/11... Totally different people... I agree... an inside job? Say it aint so. You dont believe in the pods on the plane garbage, do you? Pods on the plane? Not sure about that, how bout the First time in history that not 1, but 4 airline were "hijacked" over american soil. First time in history that the black boxes were "Unrecoverable". First time in history that a steel structure building fell from a fire. Not one, but 3. WTC 1, 2 & 7... 7 was never hit by a plane for all the people saying that WTC 1 and 2 were hit by planes and weekend them... NTSB ordered not to recreate anything, like the standard plane crashes... Keep being a puppet... Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11. I've seen no pics of said "terrorist" dead... Hmmm... Imma call BS. Yeah, I know guys, I'm unpatriotic, anti american... Blah blah blah... as far as no building ever falling from a fire, name one building that burned from a fully fueled 767 hitting it at 500 mph. They dont even construct buildings in the manner that the towers were built. That was an ignorant design for a building. The giant tower in dubai has a core that is shaped like a Y. Why do you think that is? When the planes smacked the towers it cracked the concrete core that stabilized the building. Dont tell me that a fucking plane cant damage a building. I guess next you will tell me bass cant tear a car up, right? I guess you are also saying the SEAL teams participated in a lie to the world. I doubt it.
  7. i wonder what db level the Iphone is warrantied up to? I wonder how much pressure it would take to f**k one up?
  8. Your thought process is wrong, because even still you say the conspiracy theorists are spreading misinformation. In order for you to make a statement like that accurately, you would know what the truth is. But you don't, and neither do I, and neither do the theorists; ergo theorists. The only group of people who benefit from misinformation is the government, and the big pocket lobbyists who influence our government. I know the difference between Zionist, and Jew. Which was why I was saying we needed to use the correct term, Jew by descent does not make you an enemy, or rich lobbyist attempting to rule the government. And I think a statement born of fact and educated opinion is right to make. The government was created by the People, for the People, to represent and protect the People. But through complacency, we have allowed corruption to take place, backdoor deals to be made selling souls, and in effect turned our backs on the ideals of our founding fathers: liberty, justice, enlightenment, and democracy. And in so doing so, we have given up power and transferred it to the Freemasons, Zionists, Lobbyists, and all those who seek personal gain at the expense of our People. History will be the true judge, but since I won't be around here to find out the verdict, I run with my gut and research. All anyone can do. For anyone interested in hearing and reading some of Ron Paul's content, Feel free to take the red pill. i must have misunderstood your earlier statement. I agree with all that you just said. I still think Ron Paul's stance on Israel will keep him from geting anywhere, but I hope I am wrong. I was pulling for him when he ran years back.
  9. u conspiracy theorist? Nope...just a realist ...... I take it you have no masons in your family. I tried talking to a buddy about some of the mason bs in William Cooper's Behold A Pale Horse back in the early 90's. What a load of shit that was. Freemasons dont run the world and Jews don't control all the money. The way I see it, the people who push these conpiracy theories, websites, and books have more control over mankind than Jews and Freemasons. Control of information is king. I see your logic, but your thought process is wrong. Information is king, but theory isn't always law. The government's greatest weapon has always been its ability to mask the truth; misinformation divides us, the media pulls irrelevant stories, and the truth is hidden in a myriad of problems (both economic and moral) so deep that the average American either does not care or can not afford to care. Freemasons...Jews (lets get the term correct, Zionist Jews) are a legitimate worry. The largest, richest, ergo most powerful lobbyists are....yep. and guess who influences the government, its rules, its people...same said lobbyists. Maybe that's the reason America covers for Israel, our bastard child. Could also possibly be part of the reason why the Muslim world hates our country so much...and not just western culture. Am I a conspiracy theorist? No. But any true patriot would be able to look at his country dead in the eye, and know that threats come internally just as much as externally. If not, you're a nationalist. Any person capable of considering themselves for the presidential nomination should be able to consider each of these facts for me. They should also be above the dirty games, realize the truth of patriotism, and have the desire coupled with the mental and ethical fortitude to introduce true change. For me, that's Ron Paul. I hope many of you will research him up, read, and just take his thoughts into consideration. We are the revolution, we are the resistance, and its time we remember who we are. Where is my thought process wrong? What i was saying about the conpiracy sites is that most of what they say is misinformation. Check out some of the 9/11 theories. Planes with missiles? My ass. I am familiar with Zionsim and its grip on the US. But not every Zionist is an actual Jew. Just as not every jew is a zionist. Are you aware that over 51% of the US Congress is jewish. One reason I think obama wont win again. unrelated.im not saying there arent mason or jews behind some of what we see. What i am saying is that it isnt right to make a statement like that. All jews dont work together, neither do all masons. Doesnt it piss you off to hear someone say white people do this, or whites do that? same situation. different people. Israel. Do you think we should just leave them out in the dark to be killed?
  10. we are in that process now. Is it being torn down, or just allowed to collapse. I have afeeling that nothing is being done to correct problems in america because politicans have come together with a new plan for America that can only be enacted when the old plan fails, which doesnt look to be that far off.
  11. u conspiracy theorist? Nope...just a realist ...... I take it you have no masons in your family. I tried talking to a buddy about some of the mason bs in William Cooper's Behold A Pale Horse back in the early 90's. What a load of shit that was. Freemasons dont run the world and Jews don't control all the money. The way I see it, the people who push these conpiracy theories, websites, and books have more control over mankind than Jews and Freemasons. Control of information is king.
  12. maybe that was the purpose for our retarded government. Nothing gets done ever, then America folds. I wonder how many foreign leaders are paying off our leaders to let America go down the shitter.
  13. i think certain portions of it are a waste, but others are necessary. example, no space program, no satellites. if you have no satellites, then you have no internets, no cell phones, no GPS, and so on........ (for those who dont understand, most phone / internet providers are main linked via satellite) good point. I did not think of communications. Okay, fuck the space program minus the communications aspect. On the other hand, I don't use gps, cell phone, internet only for SMD and porn fapping. Pretty sure I could live wothout all those. The rest of the world, however, would go apeshit, which I would find hilarious.
  14. anybody else think much of the space program is a waste? It only costs about 500 gazillion dollars to send up a rocket or shuttle. Imagine what could be done in the US with all that money. If we have problems on Earth, why go to space? I see no reason for it other than to maybe send sorry ass politicians to the moon and leave them there.
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