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  1. Been subscribed to your channel on YouTube for at least 3 years now, big fan. A lot of your demos give me new music to test out on my systems. I hope to make Spring Break Nationals 2015, if you're gonna be there, I'd love a demo. (I know... that's planning way too far ahead). Posted pretty the same thing on TwistedChild420's profile too, but I subscribed to you guys the same week, if not the same day.

  2. Good laughs here! Sadly I didn't actually poop myself, but good title nonetheless OP - I definately had to do a charlie check for any suspiscous turtlehead activity lol ) - But in all honesty its the "seat" that gets you... not the bass or "brown note" - its the rapid vibrations of the hardwood stool againts people's tailbones that causes that reaction - I only weigh 100lbs and have a very boney ass, getting hit that hard right in the taint hurt me good, and right away gave me an embarrassing scare that I mighta pood lol - ( but yeah, this is only the the 1st video of my actual demo with Scott - the key was to hold onto the stool much tighter than I was, and that's when I got a good proper demo (not shown in the 1st clip) Good times though, I wish I got more demos while I was down there
  3. I love how your a little guy but you make such a big impact on the world of car audio! Your the best. Props

  4. x2^ And with all the money he'd save from taking them out to eat at the local Sonic, he could buy himself a little tinker car to start messing with LOL. Girls are almost as expensive as car audio... If not more
  5. Billy is very supporting, and engaging young YouTuber. I like how your helping the underdog man!
  6. I did that for someone once..... and a month later he sold it. Had it for a little over a year - But when the DAT amp blew for 3rd and final time, I decided to start competing with all Soundstream gear, and ended up making a spot for myself on the Team. I'm still so grateful for what you did for me those 2 years ago man... In fact, even in my latest shout-out video, I still mention of how much of an influence you have had on my bass endeavors. But it sucks when people who don't know the situation assume that I got a subwoofer for absolutely nothing, and get such hateful and rumor spreading comments about it. Most of us know the story - I remember how excited we both got when "SMD Greatest Hits" made the featured YouTube homepage. That's the main point that people overlook when giving me shit about receiving that woofer. I put a lot of work into those videos. You know how it is - Editing is a very tedious and time consuming profession, so I'm still very proud that I could produce you a video that became so viral to earn the gift of a 18" sub. Thanks again mang - Without that whole experience, I wouldn't be where I am today - competing every weekend and on my way to finals
  7. Hey EXO not only do i have you as a friend on FB and im subscribed to your youtube channel i would love to be your friend here

  8. damn bro im a big fan ganna be adding some bass to my rides here pretty soon keep the vids coming bro peace out

  9. mutha*freakin*mastermind....just talkin bout EXO

  10. mate e mate e potat e well done on the thophy

    only 2 people repping soundstream ae whats up with up.did u catch up with that dcsoundlab26 dude from below my comments

  11. wazzzup buddy how the new build coming along have been watching ya youtube but that only gives away so much..keep up ya bass vids with ya comedy also keep them random ones coming to cause we all know if u bump hard 24 7 ya coil will burn lmao so 23 7 bass with one hour random :) keep it up Jeremiah

  12. dude, im coming to nespl this saturday. i hope your gunna be there in new hampshire. im drivin all the way from long island for my first show :D itd be awesome to meet ya

  13. Hey EXO....... love your vids... always make me laugh ... BASS HEADZ UNITE ⊙‿⊙

  14. Hey Exo, shout out from Australia with much respect :)

    Can u do a demo of "Beamer Benz or Bentley-Lloyd Banks" in one of your next videos. thx