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  1. It’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been working nonstop. Anyway I needed some help designing a box for my friends mustang, he’s going to be running 3 Massive Audio summo xl 8” subs off a Taramp Bass 3k. He wanted to do subs up and port back with these dimensions height-13” widt-25” depth-18” If someone could help me out with a design I would really appreciate it.
  2. Ok so I found out the main issue besides speakers leaking. Somehow when I was tuning my amps I accidentally flipped the high pass filter on the amp which was causing my midrange to act up. Turn everything off flipped the switch and it sounds a lot better than before.
  3. My doors are about 50% deadened with Second Skin Damplifier. Problem is I have a few gaps because my door panels are weak and don’t fit properly with any aftermarket speakers, even after numerous speaker mounts tried. I feel like I need a new car, because once I get up to highway speeds the wind noise really kills me.
  4. Sounds good I will play with those settings. Now what about my tweeters, they are only rated for 60rms and the woofers 90rms. I know my amp is rated @ 100rms per channel. I tuned my amps with the SMD DD1 and then I turned the tweeters down just a little bit more to accommodate..
  5. I’m redoing my system on my 2003 civic. I’ve remove the rear 6x9s and wired the front doors for 2 way active setup. System consists of Pioneer Avh-501ex Soundquebed S4-100 on the highs and a Hifoncis BRX3016.1D on the sub. Speakers are Morel Maximo 6 rated for 90 rms and sub is EXM1000.12D4 rated for 1000rms. I’m using the headunit in network mode for the crossover. Sub LPF is @ 80hz, midrange is from 80hz- 4K hz, and tweeters from 4K and up. Problem is my midbass has disappeared and it seems like things are out of balance. Anybody have any ideas to help with tuning?
  6. I have been trying to email sundown for the longest to get box plans and have not had any luck reaching out to them..

    1. WalledSonic


      Pretty sure their website has recommended box volumes.  Some of their models have box plans.  Have you checked the website?

    2. twalker182


      You're right @WalledSonic.

      @LoudPackRacingYou're better off just posting a thread on the this forum. 

    3. twalker182


      *on this forum.

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