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  1. The amps go into protection mode for some reason, then randomly come back on. I’m using a IPhone 6.
  2. So I brought a Pioneer Avh-501ex brand new at the beginning of February from Best Buy. It worked fine for 2 weeks then the sound would cut out and the volume would get stuck. I brought the 2 year warranty, so I emailed pioneer and they told me to exchange it at Best Buy. So fast forward, I’ve had the 2nd unit for 1 month and now I’m having the same issues again. The amps randomly cut off simultaneously, then sometimes one or the other and it also doesn’t pickup the usb or Bluetooth at times. I have to restart the unit to get it working right again. I have verified all connections multiple times and everything is secure. All wiring was done with Sky High. I don’t know what could cause this issue.
  3. I’ve been riding with the bass off listening to just highs, it seems as though the midbass is lacking some.
  4. Well I got the numbers dialed in and things are starting to come to life. It sounds a lot better. I also unhooked the rear speakers well.
  5. I will have more time to play with the system tomorrow, I drive trucks for a living so I don’t always have time. But I will have some results posted up as soon as I can.
  6. Don’t get me wrong you guys have great advice. I’m just one of those kids who learns the best hands on. Sometimes I misunderstand the advice you all give me. Like swapping phase on the tweeters, etc sometimes gets hard to comprehend but I’m willing to learn. Also I listen to all hip hop and rap. When I heard a song that I always listen to inside my home theater system, I heard musical notes that I never heard in a car before.
  7. Right tweeter to driver ear Is 55”” and distance from driver tweeter is 38”
  8. Yes the driver tweeter faces the passenger and vice versa. I have been riding with the time alignment off but when I turned it on, this is where it was Also here are pics of the speaker install and I started playin with fiberglass again and grabbed some kick panels from the junkyard and here’s what I have so far
  9. Here is my drivers position,tweeter up top and mid in lower door. I measured the distance from my front speakers to my headrest. The driver door is 40” and the passenger door is 58”.
  10. That’s what I was thinking to, they just overpower my components. What if I run the front stage active and ditch the 6x9s would that help? My amp has the necessary crossover to do so.
  11. Which method would be more accurate?
  12. I actually have the time alignment mic but just never got around to using it. I guess I will try it out when I make it back home. Is there anything specific I should be looking out for,?
  13. I have a 2003 Civic and I can’t seem to get the sound I want from it. I am about 6’1” and I sit sort of in the middle of the car so I can hear my 6x9s more than my components. I’ve tried turning down the gain on the 6x9s to see if it would help, but all it did was make my components sound muffled. When I move my seat forward, the components would sound a lot better as opposed to my regular driving position. What can I do the fix this? I was thinking maybe kick panels? Current setup: Kicker Cs 6.5 components front kicker Ks 6x9s rear Pioneer Avh-501ex Highs amp PPI 900.4 Exm 12” Sub Current Sub amp Sounqubed S1-850
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