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  1. 08. And yes, but every time I would find a promising grommet, it would disappear behind half a dozen panels. This thing is wrapped up tight.
  2. This sounds the easiest I suppose. What brands of shrinkwrap you guys like?
  3. Anybody ever did anything to Santa Fe's? First time I cracked the hood open it looked like a transformers heart. Amid all the plastic covers I did manage to find a couple grommets, but failed to find the inlets. This will be by far the biggest pain in the ass install I've done. (and I've had to remove an entire wheel well to run a power wire before) Drilling is the very last option here, It's my mothers car. she likes her bass and has already blown both door speakers (but I think I can figure them out easily enough) I'm all about clean installs and don't mind doing it the hard way to keep things clean. Thanks in advance
  4. Hes had those removed. Unless they grew back again. I saw a documentary on him on Discovery Health.
  5. Long story short. My laptop got loaded down with viruses, pretty much died... So I got it fixed and had win7 put on it. What new features are there that I should learn? I really need to learn the "snap" thing with the windows. Also: If I wanted to go about hooking my comp up to my HDTV so I actually plays in HD, How would I do that?
  6. Didn't even know there was a fourth... My skin fell off with seconds. If anybody wants to see pics just for the shock value, tell me and I'll post one in here Not meaning to threadjack, just conserve space
  7. Well, If you don't want to go to the E.R. you can... (In this order) Rince it with water. Rince it with clear antibiotic (No alcohols or peroxides... that will dry it out) Put a shitload of "clear" gel on it (I never could find anything quite like the burn unit had) Put some type of gel bandage over the gel on it Then wrap it tight to keep it from draining too much. Change it frequently I've had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on both legs before. So I know a lil sum, sum...
  8. Get at it mayne!!! Party till yall pass out!
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