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  1. Happy new year and my feelings go out to our family it can be hard losing someone but sometimes it can make you see the better things in life.
  2. do you have the correct electrical to support 2000 rms?
  3. i just got a brushless e revo. it is crazy fast and so much fun to drive.
  4. haha one of my boys has a transformer tatt on ther top of right hand....badass tatt
  5. one of my buddies is very wealthy and he has the dr. dre headphones you are talking about. they are amazing. accurate, detailed bass and perfect mids and highs. they are very nice. i dont have much experience with headphones though but i thought they had awesome SQ
  6. his arent attached to the box lol theres 2x4s around the amps and the box does not touch em
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