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  1. I hate me too lol. 1st gen 2 doors look sex laid out on the body! I am sellign the GTA wheels tom (I hope) and then maybe I can finish the airbag stuff and actually drive my blazer
  2. Will it lay out like this? lol, looks good! Hurry and post more pics!
  3. Mofo subs are not crap. One of the FEW things that PA makes that is actually of value. They overrate the power needed on the subs but I think they do it to sound better with their amps lol. Why didnt you go ported or did I miss it somewhere in the pics Id like some mofos but I think I am gonna try the SKar ZVX subs when I get to that point on my build. Keep up the progress!
  4. Good to see you got a new car. Good choice of a car to have a SQ build! Skar audio ftw!
  5. Gonna look even better at SBN 2013 with my blazer stuffed with Skar Audio parked next to it!
  6. Bump, one left. Cant beat the price for a brand new sundown subwofoer! $150 shipped in the US!
  7. I have 1 left, brand new Sundown SA 12 D4. I bought a few with intentions to do a Pipo style 4th order. I decided to do 4 only but never got around to finishing it either. So I have 2 brand new never seen power SA 12s. I am asking $140 each shipped!
  8. 15" is pending a sale this afternoon but its a D4 500/1000. I still have the 0ga if you or anyone needs knu wire
  9. Tha told dude has benn thru some shit. Talking BS and real life LOL
  10. Well I just pmed WL but its a complete kits and added distros and rcas. Wont cut the wire as I had cut some of the ground to start the big 3. The blue hasnt been cut nor will be cut lol. Its a solid 17+ft of blue and 3 pieces of ground prolyl 12" 1 ft and 2ft
  11. PM for shipping details Clarion EQS746 with JL Audio rcas to connect it to your h/u $55 shipped SOLD! Knu Kollosuss Flex 0ga with 2 Xscorpion 0ga distro blocks and 2 pair of Xscorpion rcas and 2-250 amp fuses $100 shipped Diamond Audio D3 15" D4 V2 $125 shipped
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