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  1. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/104428-teejaybees-08-vw-rabbit-dd-kenwood-build/ member vote for sotm=] so we can switch up the subs and have more testing fun at PCA
  2. Lol its all good ive just been talking to jon about this he said depending how many people enter they may open it up to more team members,
  3. Voting starts 30 days after he started this so september 4th read first post lol
  4. 17s nigg ima need to hit you up for bolts and the hub ring
  5. chrome is not for me, and black on grey is meh more like gold =] or bronze
  6. this fucking dude you buy me a set of rs's or split that price and ill get them,
  7. yeah right the kit i want for bagging it will cost me 2.5k i aint got that yet, but i dont plan on getting ride of this for a long time lol but i wanna get a mk1 rabbit then do car shows with this and that so my girl has the mk1 and i have the mk5
  8. good i figure the school year is enough to save for them and tires then summer time hits ima get eem
  9. i love my kicker wire had it from my past two builds
  10. unbaged pic gets some opinions in here ladies and gents
  11. yes yes and i love my aq2200 but your choice
  12. i love this song on my stockers havnt heard a song yet to beat it,
  13. Lets get more for sotm guys

  14. Yeah im not being a dick very few people here have found me but i end up having to look throw smd and their fb to see if they are from here
  15. okay guys for those who some how find me, Please let me know your from here so i dont wonder why someone from cali is adding me, thats all i ask , And if you want to be my friend let me know ill pm you my link i dont need 5000 friends from smd blowing my shit up lol
  16. Google search said a 3/4 4x8 sheet of MDF weighs 96lbs, and same size for birch is 70lbs so 26 lbs
  17. Just use birch yes it more costly but its beautiful wood can be stained like i did in my build and it looks good and is alot stiffer and lighter then mdf
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