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  1. Greetings guys- I have a 2005 Navigator without the factory GPS. I would like to just replace the head unit with a newer touch screen media center essentially, but retain the factory amps etc. I cannot seem to find an adapter to allow me to do this. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. It may still be here. Tons of interest, still no payment made. So its up for sale.
  3. Bump I think it might be pending No longer pending, still for sale.
  4. I am in Hastings, MI ballsss im in ann arbor i might want this.. You might want to let me know soon, as it might be gone tomorrow if the guy responds again. You are about an hour and 15 mins from me.
  5. I've replied to all PM's and emails. Still up for sale. Tons of interest, but no one has made the payment yet. Still up for grabs guys.
  6. Still up for sale. Tons of interest in the last day, but no one has come through with payment. So as it stands, it is still for sale.
  7. I've had a few offers, but I am not looking for trades. I am open to taking slightly less depending on the zip code.
  8. Audioque 2200d still for sale. I am open to offers via pm
  9. Yes the sub is still available and the amp as of this minute. I do have interest in the amp and it may be pending sale. Sub is still up for grabs...
  10. Whats the zip? That zip had too many numbers That is the zip PM has been sent to you
  11. Whats the zip? That zip had too many numbers That is the zip Sorry man late night! I will check right now and get back to you
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