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  1. replied to all other PM's , and changed the pricing to a bit lower.
  2. I am replying to both PM's. I will let chase know if ricky doesnt want it. Thanks guys
  3. **** EDIT** MY PICTURES DO NOT HAVE MY FORUM NAME, SO I GUESS THIS WILL NEED TO BE DELETED UNTIL I CAN GET NEW PICTURES TOMORROW. SORRY MODS **** Waited months for this to arrive, only to have my entire front end of my car totaled last weekend by a dipshit. I have full coverage, but it didnt cover my custom made alternator, and its turning into a hassle to fight with the insurance people. So I am going to just sell this and wait a few months to see what happens with my Eclipse. I have a brand new DC Audio XL12 M2 (new motor design) Never seen power. Only pulled out of the box for pictures. Ships in original box, with original packaging from DC. Options: Dual 1 Ohm Coil Blue DC audio dust cap 2200 RMS /4400 Max (you know the drill, can handle more on clean power) From the DC site: Shipping will not be cheap! $415 OBO + Shipping takes it. PM me here, or email me directly: admin at migunrack.com
  4. I was thinking the same thing about the volume. But I havent run those kickers either.
  5. THey are nice, don't get me wrong. But I dont think realistically, not that I have personally seen, that they can take more than about 1k rms clean power over long periods of time.
  6. I bought a pair to try out and did a few demos on a AQ2200d @ 4 ohms, 13.6V no vdrop. And the 2 vvx12's took it nicely. YMMV of course.
  7. I dunno. I wouldn't use that anyways. There is positive plugs by the fuse box for accessories. I figure straight to the battery would be better well i mean if all your interior stuff is run off of that fuse box, and it has like 8 gauge on it, it would make sense (in my eyes at least) that it would cause the lights to dim. wouldnt hurt to add like 4 gauge to it from the battery or something. Exactly where I was going with it. This makes the most sense.
  8. ncix.ca is probably going to be the cheapest for you. I have a very high end gaming desktop (I build them once a year) and I run a corsair AX1200. You won't need something like that, but I can tell you Corsair is a very good brand. Newegg to canada is rather expensive to ship.. same with TD, but if you find a good deal, it would be worth it.
  9. I wouldnt hesitate to call DB-r and see if you can have it replaced. Why risk it!
  10. Do you have a pic of the box? Could be a loading issue. I know you said its a 6th order, but if you are sure it is not a simple wiring mistake, then it may be a fault in the box design.
  11. Wouldnt even cause an issue then! Good suggestion, free air both on low wattage one at a time and listen for a problem...
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