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  1. Show us a picture of the box. More port area will not limit higher frequencies. Too little port area will restrict the lower frequencies at high output.( so it give a false sense of "wider frequency response") A "Frankenwoofer" either needs different boxes to test or you need T/S parameters to model a proper box. It's very possible you have a exagerated low end which makes it seem as if there isn't much above 55hz. Remove all the crossovers and test at moderate volume with a frequency sweep from 15-100hz.
  2. It's more then enough, unlike the general consensus on forums you don't need to go above the manufacturers rating. You won't hear the difference between 1000 and 1500w
  3. You have found out why 8inch subwoofers are useless in cars, even though they exist, they shouldn't. Sealed enclosure (1 12inch) or 10inch ported are probably your only good options with the space you have available. Anything else will not be efficient.
  4. http://damoreengineering.com/collections/audio-amplifiers/products/dual-mono-power-amplifier
  5. The 3sixty.3 is good, but a bit one is better or JBL-MS8. Why do you need 5-6 amps low powered amps for something that 2 amps can accomplish? "4 tweeters, 4 6 1/2" mid drivers, 2 61/2 pro mid coax rears, 2 31/2" rear fill mids and a bevy of 12's" All those drivers together will not sound good, chances are 1 set in the front and maybe a cheaper set in the back(not necessary at all) with a powerfull 4 channel amp. And what's a "bevy of 12's"?
  6. Damn, could you explain to me how you calculated that?
  7. Damping factor above 700 at 4 ohm load at 20Hz. I wonder if people actually look at that number when looking for a SQ amp. (And if they know how the speaker wires change that number.) Price seems fair in my opinion (if the orange peel is fixed).
  8. Specifications look great and the parts too, layout is great. Will the paint finish be better on production units? Maybe i should start saving...
  9. Never experienced the ear hole one but fuck a nostril pimple. I'm glad i'm not alone at the moment...
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