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  1. i would like to formally apologize for any issues i may have caused please do not hold my actions against atomic, atomic is a great company and i fucked up royally, i know i did and i am sorry my actions should not affect anyone else but me, please stop messaging atomic about this issue it has been solved as a result i will be taking a break from all online fourm actions for a few months, for those of you who still want to stay in contact you can contact me via e-mail, youtube, or facebook, once again i am sorry for any drama i have caused, i will be back in time, or i may not please do not frown upon atomic for my mistakes thank you andrew kolibas
  2. hey OD are there gonna be any reps, dealers or manufacturers there? cuz randy from atomic is coming with me and he wanted to know is he should bring some gear
  3. the app was illegal in that state, he was stupid enough to use it he deserves to be caught
  4. yea i know afrobass, id be happy to help you plan the show, im in ventura county
  5. see if you can find a used pathfinder beastly car the 97-2000 ones engines lasted to 400k miles the 2000-03 models had more horses and still were beastly mofos and they are cheap 4-7k

  7. i dont do pricing as each sale is diffrent what you pay may be diffrent than what some other guy pays, the best i can say is i can give you randys number, and i can give him a heads up that you will be calling and all u have to do is say "andrew told you i would be calling and he will set u up with a killer deal, much better than that p1 8 would have cost you
  8. some link to the atomics quantum 6" i can get randy to custom build you a 8 no sweat http://www.atomicspeakers.com/quantum_6.html manhattan 6 once again i can get u a custom 8 http://www.atomicspeakers.com/images/ma6.jpg and the energy 8 http://www.atomicspeakers.com/images/en830.jpg
  9. well many companies make dedicated midbass woofers, atomic loudspeakers being one of them, 3 lines in order of quality energy, manhattan, and quantum quantum being best, the quantum handles 100wrms and they have a 8 inch, if youre interested i can set u up with a great deal through my buddy randy at the company
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