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  1. your loss of gain with adding additional power could be because box is too big for the additional power you added. I ran into that exact same issue before. With a recalculated box from before and the additional power they do ok now.
  2. The way hes dressed makes him a wigger? Having a red shirt that fits, pants that fits and a red hat to match? I would watch what is said around here as we take offense to what you were said. You have been warned. Broke ass didnt say anything, i already noticed it as soon as you posted and was just waiting until i had time to reply. post has been deleted and only warning given
  3. Thanks! Interesting the kid gets labeled as a "wigger" for posting in a picture with a girl.
  4. The friends i got round me... wondering which one of them sour

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    2. pioneerforlife


      what up ninja. Its been a while

    3. Ninja_v1.0


      it has man how is life





    4. pioneerforlife


      Its been good man. Hope to see you at a show soon.  Gotta get you in the focus for a quick listen lol. 

  5. There is a shit ton of power there for sure.. I bought this one brand new and after a few mods it comes up first, second and sometimes third... whats crazy is that its not the fastest anymore by a long shot... still the adrenaline i get after riding this thing is amazing..
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