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  1. My man.. knew yall vets would come through.. nothing much man how are ya?
  2. Find me a bottle of ciroc! Whats up bitches!
  3. so much power i need spares... so much power i have my own recone section so much power.... the car smells like coil constantly so much power... you get the point
  4. based on the alt in your signature, you will not be in the 14's. You will need more alt. But with the battery combination you seem to be using i think you will be fine.
  5. ill give you a tip on team fi break in... you dont need to "break in" before turning up power. just put the power to it..
  6. keep working.. its a never ending battle that will keep you spending money trying to push a limit only needed to be reach in ones mind. Stay thirsty my friend
  7. Db Drag isn't the only org and i agree with you the list of guys doing 155+ out of a trunk is very short.. the list of guys doing it musically is even shorter. I'm not into audio so i have no clue who is doing what. Just wanted to make a comment.
  8. just to comment on a few things here. There are a few people who were able to pull off those numbers with a few 15's and a ported box. Some with a lot of power and some with not a lot of power. Some playing above 40 hz and a few getting those numbers even at 30hz. Pretty much all i have to say on this..
  9. 1) crazy8 is right 2) in order to hold 14+v on 2 5ks youre going to need more alt and a lot more of it 3) you going to need to up your wire as well.. especially with lithium as the current discharge is A LOT more than a normal battery.. i would suggest using a buss bur and coming off that lithium going to your amps. good luck
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