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  1. Can you hook two completely different brand batteries together, for example a high cranking interstate battery for the back and a everstart brand of some kind up front?
  2. I got this same amp, and posted this same question in genral audio not to long ago. I was told this amp just doesn't circulate air like it should and so if heats up.
  3. Got it all hooked up and i got it on Ebay. Thanks for all the replys.
  4. Just got my voltage meter and i was wondering what the best place to read the voltage from? just to the front battery? and what wire from the igniton to i wire the blue wire to?
  5. I went to record some vids, and when i started recording my battery died, but i will make one and post as a response to yours.
  6. Found this song on youtube the other day, i love this song! I'm probably going to make a video of it on my system later today if its nice outside.
  7. I like the lose my mind one, keep screwing man! Will sub to ya to get all then new ones u upload, please sub to me also!
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