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  1. any recommendations on what size sealed they would prefer?
  2. So would you say if i go ported then tune in the upper 30's or 40hz, Ill prob end up just going sealed something quick and easy. thanks for the help
  3. So Im trying to design an enclosure for 4 of these F10a's to go into a crown vic. Need some more input on these subs, kicker recommends 1.25 @ 36 for one 10 seems kinda big to me. Plotted them on BBP plots don't look to bad with 5 cubes @ 36 with 64 sq in port
  4. need the max deminsion for the bed of ur truck and how big a hole your planning on cutting.
  5. 8 cubes @ 34 with 120 sq in port would do quite well from 28-60. PM me if u need measurments
  6. Im not for sure on how many cube and what tuning to use for the rear chamber? that design wasnt tuned ur anything just sketched up with my outer dims. as for a loading wall, what orentation would work best a flat wall like i have in the sketch or a "V" shaped wall that would sit in the mouth of the enclosure? ill draw up a few more detailed sketches that might make my idea clear By the way your truck is just nasty and I would get some DC but got to do with what I can afford atm
  7. Your build gave me and idea but im not to forsure how it would work. its and addaptation of ur blowthrough but totaly in the cabin. dont recall if you designed ur enclosure but here is my idea. Hoping you might be able to give me some insight. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/ind...showtopic=41658
  8. deff. interested now i got one SX sold so if you would let me know if you still have some left.
  9. steve I might be intersted in one of the 18's if i can get my two 15 SX'x sold soon. How do you think it would compare being ran off a Orion 2500D.
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