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  1. This sunday in frankfort, ky....i might come to hang out....3 point event so it could be a good turnout
  2. sub2weeker...please go this is not a burp machine...had he built it to do number then i have no doubt it would be well into the 60's however...hank builds systems to play music loud for extended periods of time...not a 4 second burp so again...with all do respect..and i do mean with all do respect...STFU!!
  3. thats what i wanted to hear....hope to hear this beast then! sick work man!
  4. you aware brah? bertstare.jpg anyways...interesting specs to say the least...
  5. good deal...good luck man...i know its a big headache.
  6. im afraid thats the name of the game...china imports and exports were the biggest pain in the ass to work on!!! i have a feeling they are going to want to start charging you like warehouse fees or something similar for them sitting in customs so long. if you go thru ups send me the shipment number and i will email it to the girl i know in the international department and see if she can do anything more....not sure since you already have a contact taking care of it...but ya never know..
  7. hey jacob....do u use ups for international shipping? if you do i use to work in the international department at ups...and my job was getting packages out of customs in situations like this...i still have contact with a team lead in the department, so if u ever need anything let me know and i can ask her to look into it.
  8. subs were firing forward, port was firing to the side...seems to work equally as well compared to everything forward, completely sealed off
  9. low 50's are possible i did a 148.9 off about 7k (accord) friend did a 147 off about 3.5k (impala)
  10. congrats! james is good guy....he competes in meca also...so i have met him a few times...
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