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  1. nice number!! was that a tone...cause that wave kinds looks odd if it was..might wanna cut the gain down a hair... meter on passenger side? driver door open?...thats how i burped.. might be going out of town for the show on the 28th...but.. there is a 3x show in frankfort on the 22nd (sunday) that i 'might' go to.. awesome score man...i think that is the design to use in a trunk!!
  2. cool...just be real careful with the gains once u get a second amp on it!! i think i had mine in like 3-4cubes after displacement (i think..not 100% sure) my enclosure was a good deal smaller and i still blew a spider from the landing on one of the just watch the gains... then again u have the v.2 and i had the they might take it better...
  3. honestly i have no clue...all i know is i have used this design a couple of times with awesome results on the meter for a trunker yea...come on out man...u can finally hear ben's truck (if he has it put together)...its loud!
  4. should be subs forward port to the drivers assuming thats how he did it...
  5. cool...wont be a big show...its only gonna be his 2nd time hosting a show.. but a show is a show...
  6. nothing to spectate 20-25 bucks to compete... should be there unless something comes up...
  7. yea....i think he is the one who pm'd me over on 502SS about this design...glad ur using works!! and like brandon said....bring it to mountain city audio in mount washington on the 28th for a comp!
  8. looks absolutely identical to my old setup...identical i had the same equipment too and at .5 ohm...except i had powermaster batteries it will get loud!!!...i did a 148.9 in my trunk with literally 5 minutes of testing...i truly believe there was a 150 in there, but i had to rip it all out soon after...only had like 5 minutes of play time...
  9. i got two 10s and 1200 watts up to a 143.8 tuned super u never know...
  10. not imo..maybe if u had 12's and found the absolute perfect box....but im guessing mid-upper a 144-147 with that setup..
  11. you are gonna need at least 6krms to hit a 150 in a will be hard, but not impossible...
  12. im so unaware as to what happened with JP...sounds like it sucked for everybody involved...damn shame.. keep on keepin on boss man...
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