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  1. PS3 = Better graphics and graphical potential, Blu-ray sized games as well as the movies, never overheats, controller lasts forever and have way better joystick accuracy (much less twitchy), older models were backwards compatible (Mine is with every game I owned, but to be honest, I never, ever use it.), free online gameplay. 360 = Online gameplay is more fine tuned, triggers, party chat. Both have pretty good exclusives and future exclusives. Both have obviously risen the bar of what gaming is, and are obviously a new plateau. Overall I would say I like my PS3 more, but I can see both sides of the argument.
  2. Contact them and see if they can get you an old one. They are pretty damn good about helping out their customers.
  3. Shaun of the Dead is so overrated... Over an hour without zombies, shitty quality zombies, and dry as fuck English humor. I happen to love the Queen scene though. Not saying it is bad, but HIGHLY overrated.
  4. It's been getting worse over time, which is quite unfortunate as I really do love this forum. I remember when I was a newb here people helped me out or left me alone, didn't bash every question I had. People are starting to forget that they were beginners once too.
  5. Beat....Everything was great except the fact that it ended... A lil over 10 hours to complete it. Most artistic, accurate, and flat out enjoyable game I have ever played!
  6. I just noticed, I was on my iPhone before, but that second video is of my gf lol...nice.
  7. You nemesis guys are wild... I have a crazy hairtrick vid of my gf next to one of your trucks...
  8. This game was why I bought the PS3 a year ago as well. I played for 4 hours last night, and I have to say, the gameplay is phenomenal, and is seamless with the story. The epicness has reached a scale that is only seen in film right now, rivaling Glen Cameron movies, or even the LOTR trilogy. So far I have recognized some enemies, but they are far more detailed, even realistic, than in the first two games. Every movement looks life-like, and the detail is so impeccable that every move can be seen from start to finish. The polygon feel that still exists in all other games is practically eliminated, in the entire environment of the game. Everything looks real. Additionally, with my Z-5500 on DTS the sound is amazing, and very accurate. The colors are breathtaking, and pretty much the entire spectrum can be seen at any time, adding to the stunning feel of the game. Also the changes made to Kratos' moves and controls are definitely welcome. His bow is no longer attached to magic, so it becomes much more practical to use. Also, being able to see exactly how he controls his chains is groundbreaking. I could really go on and on about this game, so I'm going to stop and play a little more later and see what else it has to offer.
  9. The demo's graphics are pitiful next to this game. Do you know how some games have amazing graphics on the cutscreens? This gameplay looks like that. The gameplay feels like it is simply blending with the story seamlessly. It is astounding to say the least.
  10. From my laptop it sounds like they are just slowed, was bass added?
  11. If your TV has a fiber optic out do that to the Z-5500. Then use hdmi's from whatever you are using to your TV. That is if you have multiple things you want surround for. If you just want it for your Xbox, use fiber optic from the Xbox to the logitech.
  12. I am perfectly calm, but you are quite wrong about there being nothing we can do about it. I'm a political science major for a reason, the system is awful and I intend to change it to the best of my ability.
  13. I wasn't mad about being in handcuffs, I was mad about a free roaming attack dog, and the fact that they entered a house with such serious force with nothing more than some neighbor saying there was a burglary. Next time a person pisses me off I can just call the cops and report a burglary at their house and I know they will get fucked up. It's an absurdity, they should have called the owner, and knocked on the door instead of sending a dog in. They easily had enough cops to surround the house in case knocking would have caused a burglar to try and escape, but instead they went in guns blazing. So yes, the system IS fucked.
  14. Well when Tonya (my dad's gf) was living there, she had a dog who would bark a lot outside. And the neighbor went and blocked up the doggy door, which is trespassing. Then he pulls this shit.
  15. Well we heard yelling outside but how would we know it was related to us. They did yell, but we were on the otherside of the house, how are we supposed to know what they said. And if the door being unlocked is true, than that is the single most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If they would have knocked, instead of going apeshit, non of this would have happened. Huge overkill.
  16. Well luckily I kept my cool and decided to just hold off the dog instead of just whacking it in the head. As soon as I saw there sheriff I just said we were allowed to be there. I wasn't a moron trying to be all mister tuff guy. I just wanted to make sure I left the situation without any harm to myself or my gf.
  17. Yeah from a cops perspective I could see that, but there were two cars in the driveway, and they came into the house, no warrant or anything. All they had was a reported burglary. Fucking ridiculous.
  18. Well I forgot to mention, my dad is the President of the Bar Association in my county, and knows the county sheriff, so he is going to set up a meeting with him or bring the issue to the press. He is furious how bad the whole situation could have played out. If the cop mistook the black statue I had for a gun, or if I had swung at him not knowing he was a police officer, I easily could have been shot. Not to mention I had to physically fight off an attack dog. It was just absurd how they handled everything.
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