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  1. x2 I am running a AQ1200D and a DSC450(50x4) and have zero drop. Steady 13.6v full tilt, stock alt, no extra batteries.
  2. yes good amps. and underrated.
  3. could make some... if you have some little left over pieces of mdf and some nuts and bolts.
  4. Soundstorm Labs "1600 watt" amp. Then a Pioneer GM-7200m.
  5. Wire all the coils in parallel, then wire the subs in parallel in pairs(now there are 3 pairs of dvc4s wired to 3 1 ohm loads). Then series them together aka 3 ohms.
  6. I think you just have to reverse the wiring on the two inverted ones. IM NOT SURE THIS IS CORRECT, JUST WHAT I HAVE HEARD
  7. http://tinypic.com/ after you upload it with the big green button, find the coding that has the and copy the whole thing and paste it in your post. i got ninja'd!
  8. and the way my spot was were people usually run power wire, up at the pedal area, is so cramped and a hard position to get to so i went to home depot and got a bit(up to 3/4, not a unibit, and it was like 7.50) that bores(dont know if i spelled that right) metal and picked up my dewalt impact and went to work. took like 5min to run my wire.
  9. i dont have a tahoe but i have a chevy. and i havent finished cleaning it up, etc, 4ga hole siting there and stuff like that, but you get the idea.
  10. i did. i dont have anything covering the outside of it but it is also like 18inches or more from the ground and ran above the frame and almost completely shielded from the ground.
  11. Yea, if he did 15s. I was just going checking stuff for a shizzz ton of woofas.
  12. I was just going over ohm loads, seems like if there were 16, the coils of dvc2 or dvc4 can both be wired to 2 ohms.
  13. Check audiosavings.com , they have them around 1400 or so iirc. And with 10k, 12 or 14 L7 12s.
  14. not really, if its ported 1 chamber is fine. but if you ever go sealed, you need a separate chamber per woofer. but your going ported, so you could go 2 chambers or 1, no difference really. and the 2 6in ports sound fine.
  15. Should be fine, might have a tad of voltage drop but nothing bad
  16. 2 kicker cvt 12s sealed on a pioneer gm7200m and loved it or it could be my newest system, DC LVL 4 15 @ 32.7Hz on a Soundstream TRX1500d @ 1 ohm. the DC shakes literally everything in my truck, some stuff very little, some stuff a lot, but it is all noticeable.
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