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  1. Its only overpriced when its outside of your budget or price range. Those of us who use tools and boxes everyday to make a living know that all to well. I only buy snapon/matco hand tools but i wont say fuck the lower priced stuff or try to shame those that do.... That being said very nice looking setup beige, im sure you will love it!
  2. I built a pistol in 300blk with a 10in bbl. Its the bees knees, im throwing the aac can on it. I have a sig gen 2 brace on it.
  3. How much boost can you run on stock internals? What kind of long term testing have they done to verify longevity of the motor? Looks sick beige, I had a boosted zx10 before my zx14. Boost on high revving motors is insane!
  4. The bracket/spacer was made for an 88 but ive seen it in the 2nd gen 4.3 as well
  5. Rusty from dc audio put up a video on youtube awhile ago. The ac compressor is removed and a bracket/spacer is used to allow your to mount an alternator in its place. I got the brackets off a 4.3 in an s10 to use on my 383 so i can do the same thing. Hes using mechman alts.
  6. If you want to lose the ac its a simple fix to run dual alts on the 4.3.. The bracket can be found for 100bucks
  7. Resend plz i douched my email and didnt see your message...thanks
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