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  1. I've seen what BladeIce could do with one of these (project mayhem on youtube) be nice to see what you can muster up!! Subscribed
  2. Can I ask exactly what this would be used for? Not a noob question just dont have the faintest idea what it would be used for, not even gonna hazard a guess lol
  3. Amazing how easy this makes amp set up! Looking forward to getting mine off BladeIce once I have my new build paid for! Might take a while lol
  4. Those SoloX 18's are stupid heavy!! Almost did my own back taking one out of a friends car!
  5. A sealed box isn't going to give you much below 35-40hz anyway. Build a ported box tuned to 30-33hz you will get the lows you want and it will still punch the higher notes some bit.! I had one of these in 2.7suft tuned to 32hz off 1.5Kw and it was a pretty musical box, maybe a little small but musical. I sold it and 2 years larter its still goind strong
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