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  1. Last night was a couple 312's and a few glasses of Sam's clubs Johnnie Walker, which at 20 for a handle is awesome lol. Also if anyone reading this is going to slam and likes whiskey look up west fork whiskey company while you are in indy. You will not be disappointed
  2. Had the new sam Adams '76 yesterday morning after work yesterday morning, I'll be going back for more in two hours lol, been drinking a new whiskey out of a company in Indy lately called west fork whiskey co. Called The Colonel. It's a wonderful $35 whiskey. Had some blue raspberry svedka and diet dew the other day too, kind of similar to Baja blast. I drink a lot lately...
  3. I probably missed it, I know you did headers, do you plan to do anything exhaust wise past that for performance and/or exhaust note?
  4. My oh my, so many things, all of the things, those oil lines are fucking huge! This thing is going to end up on a magazine cover I have a feeling.
  5. Oh I bet it will still be, that white intercooler popping through the grill is going to be an oh fuck moment when people in the know realize what they are seeing
  6. Fuck. This is going to be fucking nasty. And all black and white. Man, you have always done shit the right way, and this looks to be no exception. I've seen you some cool stuff the last 9 years I have been here, but this, this is by far the baddest.
  7. People that treat poor innocent animals this way need to be dragged behind a truck until death. That is a beautiful little pup, hope he has a speedy recovery. Hella good work steve
  8. That is no shit, their sale prices are still more expensive than a lot of other places you can get stuff.
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