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  1. What amp is it? Have you checked your grounds to be sure it is secure? Sounds like something on the board might have failed, but can't say for sure until we get a little more information.
  2. Yeah you both are right. After reading more , I think I might just try the Dayton out first, it's cheaper and effective like you say. I'll just be conservative with the volume and if I don't like it I can always resell it. I would love to be able to try something like that Helix but for now that's a little out of my price range lol. Just to confirm, the Dayton Audio DSP-408 is the correct model from Dayton to check out right? I really appreciate ya guys for chiming in too.
  3. Yo man, thanks for the recommendation. That helps me a lot because before this thread I had no idea initially what I needed to look for. I was doing a little reading about the Dayton DSP, well I read that the Dayton's maximum input voltage is <3.2V. a guy was mentioning that using this dsp with a deck that has 4v pre-out voltages or higher could probably cause clipping unless I limited the volume at the headunit, not a bad thing I guess as long as I keep the volume below a certain point but I just kinda want to eliminate that possibility of clipping if possible. I found the Rockford Fosgate DSR1, it's a little more expensive @ $270 but I think it'll be worth it to have a better, cleaner sounding system without much probability of clipping. I've also added the Digital Designs DSI-2 to the list which is only $20 more than that fosgate DSR1.
  4. My budget will be about $300-$400. I really have 0 personal experience with EQ's and DSP's and I only vaugely know about the Audiocontrol Epicenters and the Rockford 3sixtys.... I am pretty sure I'll just stick with 2-way for now, I don't really have plans to do a 3-way setup.
  5. I've got a new to me headunit, it only has a 9-band crossover no time alignment options that I'm aware of, my previous Pioneer had a 13-band and no time alignment. I haven't installed the new headunit yet but I am worried there will be some drop-off in sound quality and also I fear I'll lose the ability to tune as many frequencies like with the 13-band eq on the pioneer. What are some DSP's or Equalizers that would help me to be able to fine-tune my system better or at least to the same effects of the old pioneer I used to have? I hope this all makes sense, lol. The headunit I got is a Advent OGM-1 if interested.
  6. I don't have much to recommend. But giving the guys here your budget will help a ton . How much you looking to spend? I think I'm gonna go with SKAr for my next sub amp since they seem to do their rated power and are fairly affordable.
  7. Maybe your gain is set too high. I remember my first decent amp being a JL Audio 500/1. It was pretty current hungry but I had no major issues with clipping as long as I kept the gain at a conservative level of course.
  8. Good point here. My Pioneer AVH-X4500BT would do some funky shit when turned up past 30, it would cut out when the bass would hit. I ended up grounding the rca's on the back of the unit and only then could I play my music past 30 all the way up to around 37-39ish depending on the song. That headunit's highest vol was 40 too. I have no idea if this is the case with yours but I will say that this is kinda the reason I want to try a different brand Double Din this time around.
  9. Thanks! That's good to know, I didn't really use my iPod classic much for videos on my old Pionner AVHx4500bt much anyway. That feature was nice but not really practical lol.
  10. If you don't mind just trying it out I guess that would be fine. The main thing that has me worried about the kenwood is it saying it doesn't support Apple 30-pin devices. I may have to try a pioneer again as they're the only one on Crutchfield's site that states it is compatible with a "full size" iPods. Although I know from previous experience not all of the "compatibility info on their site is correct. This. I'd gladly pay $600 or w/e these companies are asking for an Android headunit with all of the bells and whistles that Kenwood or Pioneer offers. I like these OEM style double din headunits from Dynavin, they require no adapters for steering controls and chimes and also don't require dash kits.. There is one reported issue regarding the iPod classic and using navigation but the issue is relatively minor. https://www.jandtdistributing.com/collections/dynavin/products/dynavin-n7-gm2007-radio-navigation-system-for-chevrolet-silverado-2007-2014-and-gmc-2007-2013?variant=44448900557
  11. Gotcha. So the reason I was gonna look at the kenwood is because the pioneer I currently own is a AVH-X4500BT. It works pretty good with the iPod classic but does error out every so often. Plus the User interface is a bit old and outdated but I guess that’s a given since it’s so old. I’m kinda lost just don’t know what I want, I did kinda want to stay with pioneer but I also kind of want to see what other companies offer. I have a single din JVC in my other whip but I’m not too impressed by that one so I was thinking of going with kenwood or pioneer or alpine. I did stop and check out the Alpine iLX-207sxm but I felt that user interface was horrible.
  12. Anyone using a double din headunit from 2018+ that still supports a iPod Classic? If so, which one? I am looking for a new double din and was eyeing the Kenwood DDX775BH and noticed on Crutchfields site there's a note that states:
  13. I've never had a problem with them. Always made smaller purchases though, typically less than $50. Thank god I haven't had to deal with support either lol. I always thought SonicElectronix was a decent place to buy from.
  14. So I got the SK M4004D on Monday(Couldn't believe I got it that fast but I am only like 6 hours away from Tampa so it makes sense.) Installed it that same day and was immediately happy with the sound it produces. In comparison, the previous amp was a Precision Power PC250. I was running it at 2 ohms, so it was doing 100x2, sounded pretty good too but the Skar is noticeably louder. Sounds a bit cleaner too, but that may have something to do with how I had the headunit settings set. Once I get better components everything should sing like a bird. Currently running some old mis-matched components I had laying in the garage from previous builds lol. For $128 I'm happy, seems like SoundQubed has a nice mini amp as well, there's a amp dyno test on it in this section. Definitely not smaller than the NVX one though. I was thinking about purchasing another mini amp for the bass but I'm gonna keep it simple and keep using this precision power pc250. It's been going strong for 10 years now ha.
  15. American Bass makes some nice shit I don't think you can go wrong with Skar's equipment. I heard a pair of their 12's(Don't remember the model) when they first came out paired with one of their 1500 watt amps and it sounded pretty nice. If you care about what the owner did in the past then don't shop with em *Shrugs* I'm all for supporting a good business man, I don't fancy shady businesses at all, but hell Skar has some really good pricing and I could not pass up the price on one of their mini amps. I ordered on Friday and it's in my mailbox right now, can't wait to go home and see if I made a good or bad decision! LOL.
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