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  1. Thanks! And man that was intense! I hope you didn't get injured too badly in the accident.
  2. Broo, what's the dash cam setup you have? Couple of us over on SVTP are curious about it!
  3. wow. Would love to have one of those lol. Need a new sub amp anyway and this may be it. Time to research.
  4. Nice, can't wait to see this video. I love watching and soaking up the info you provide!
  5. Yeah you both are right. After reading more , I think I might just try the Dayton out first, it's cheaper and effective like you say. I'll just be conservative with the volume and if I don't like it I can always resell it. I would love to be able to try something like that Helix but for now that's a little out of my price range lol. Just to confirm, the Dayton Audio DSP-408 is the correct model from Dayton to check out right? I really appreciate ya guys for chiming in too.
  6. Yo man, thanks for the recommendation. That helps me a lot because before this thread I had no idea initially what I needed to look for. I was doing a little reading about the Dayton DSP, well I read that the Dayton's maximum input voltage is <3.2V. a guy was mentioning that using this dsp with a deck that has 4v pre-out voltages or higher could probably cause clipping unless I limited the volume at the headunit, not a bad thing I guess as long as I keep the volume below a certain point but I just kinda want to eliminate that possibility of clipping if possible. I found the Rockford Fosgate DSR1, it's a little more expensive @ $270 but I think it'll be worth it to have a better, cleaner sounding system without much probability of clipping. I've also added the Digital Designs DSI-2 to the list which is only $20 more than that fosgate DSR1.
  7. My budget will be about $300-$400. I really have 0 personal experience with EQ's and DSP's and I only vaugely know about the Audiocontrol Epicenters and the Rockford 3sixtys.... I am pretty sure I'll just stick with 2-way for now, I don't really have plans to do a 3-way setup.
  8. I've got a new to me headunit, it only has a 9-band crossover no time alignment options that I'm aware of, my previous Pioneer had a 13-band and no time alignment. I haven't installed the new headunit yet but I am worried there will be some drop-off in sound quality and also I fear I'll lose the ability to tune as many frequencies like with the 13-band eq on the pioneer. What are some DSP's or Equalizers that would help me to be able to fine-tune my system better or at least to the same effects of the old pioneer I used to have? I hope this all makes sense, lol. The headunit I got is a Advent OGM-1 if interested.
  9. So I got the SK M4004D on Monday(Couldn't believe I got it that fast but I am only like 6 hours away from Tampa so it makes sense.) Installed it that same day and was immediately happy with the sound it produces. In comparison, the previous amp was a Precision Power PC250. I was running it at 2 ohms, so it was doing 100x2, sounded pretty good too but the Skar is noticeably louder. Sounds a bit cleaner too, but that may have something to do with how I had the headunit settings set. Once I get better components everything should sing like a bird. Currently running some old mis-matched components I had laying in the garage from previous builds lol. For $128 I'm happy, seems like SoundQubed has a nice mini amp as well, there's a amp dyno test on it in this section. Definitely not smaller than the NVX one though. I was thinking about purchasing another mini amp for the bass but I'm gonna keep it simple and keep using this precision power pc250. It's been going strong for 10 years now ha.
  10. I will definitely try to do that. I heard pretty similar things about Skar lol, but that was a long time ago. ive never heard anything negatively about the performance of their products really, I remember when they first came out, my cousin bought a full setup consisting of 2 of their 12” subs and one of their Skar amps and it sounded pretty amazing.
  11. I've been looking into these mini amps too. NVX was on my list but I haven't heard any real feedback on them so I literally just pulled the trigger on one of the Skar mini amps. The skar was about $50 cheaper, if it does 75x4 @ 4ohms(rated at 100x4 @ 4 ohms at 14.4) I will be satisfied with that lol. I don't think I could've found a better deal either, this skar was $128 brand new. Seems almost too good to be true, lol I hope not as Skar seems to be pretty decent from what I've read.
  12. I was gonna say the same thing. Guess I'll let him live though lol, Congrats Steve!
  13. Hey CJ, is your shop located in PCB? I would love drive down on a Saturday to use the dd1 (i'd be willing to pay if you charge.). Also I'd love to get a demo of your truck too if possible! Get back to me, or I could pm you for more details if i need to. EDIT: Nevermind, just got my answer! your are located in NC sign me up for the rental service as well too!!!
  14. My Amp just arrived at FedEx, time to go pick her up!!!!!Ohhh Yeahhh!!!

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