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  1. The only "grown man" on this forum whose midlife crisis involves dying his hair purple. Insists that he's a master troll, but just shows how much of an ignorant d-bag he is.
  2. I nearly choked to death on my drink reading this... My bad brother
  3. That's why I say he's acting like Brad. He thinks he's doing big things, but he's really just dragging uneducated people along, making them think that is a-ok to go off and do dumb shit.
  4. Exactly. He spends so much time talking up every brand that he reps, and talking shit about every brand that can be seen as a competitor, it's just pathetic. I ran dc, I love dc....did it make me a sundown hater? Fuck no. Did a sundown build after my dc builds, and now I love sundown as well. I run xs power, and I love xs....Will I ever run northstar? No. Simply because he annoys the shit out of me with how much he tries to push the product. "If you don't have northstar, you don't have shit". How bout you shut up and let people run what they want to run. He's worse than the damn bible thumpers that try to cram which religion is best for you down your throat.
  5. Honestly it's just like mazda22854 or whatever the fuck, Brad Schulke... "box don't fit, cut into your vehicle with a sawzall"... moral of the story, Brad's a fucking moron. Just like purple and his stupid ass cardboard box enclosure, trying to show how inferior everyone else's gear is to anything that he runs. There comes a time when you need to grow the fuck up.
  6. Pretty funny, my username, and I just don't really give a fuck. When you use stupidity to get publicity, you open yourself up for plenty of criticism.
  7. And I think he's a little too old to be dying his hair purple. This isn't 6th grade anymore cream puff.
  8. It's all about attention....as long as he's getting attention, whether it's for doing something stupid or doing something legit, it catches someone's eye and it spreads like wildfire. It's ignorance at its finest, and he's becoming the next Brad Schulke. He's an attention whore, and quite frankly, it's really fucking annoying, not to mention childish. Kudos to you Jeremy
  9. I told Brad to be careful when he gets in the truck, you'd blow his other leg off.
  10. Aaron, it's the straight six engine and the ac is still there...doesn't work worth shit, but it's there lol. Brian, thanks for your input, I read the cliffs, but I'll read the long version after work/when I catch a break
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