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  1. haha where you located man?ill be at heatwave texas show down with the burb i havent meet very many people on here from houston spring area, 45 north before the woodlands
  2. Sup guys thinking about either getting RF or AQ components. what do you guys think about these set ups? do these get pretty loud and clear? are there any other set ups you recommend around the price range? http://www.audioque.com/AQG65-Midwoofer-Tweeter-Crossover-Set_p_34.html http://www.audioque.com/AQ4X90-Amplifier_p_33.html http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_22595_Rockford-Fosgate-T2652-S.html http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_22583_Rockford-Fosgate-P500-4.html
  3. thanks bro, was gonna go with black wheels but it didnt look good to me haha
  4. Finally got some new wheels, lmk what you guys think
  5. sexy! those are the ones i plan on getting. let me know how you like them
  6. get the measurements for each piece, home depo will cut it if you buy there mdf usually, they charge like 25 cents a cut.
  7. yea thats what im saying haha, i want to do a 5.309 box with one 6" port. I dont know how long it has to be to be around 35-38hz
  8. yea there off brand. http://qpowerinc.com/wooferspeakers.php there the deluxe series. I'm planning on running about 500 watts each and there going into a galant.
  9. well i got 2 15 inch q powers from a friend for free. i know they are not the best subs but its something for now. what do you guys think about a 5 cubic ft for the box? I'm probably going to do PVC ports because i have never tried them. what do you guys think i should do for the ports?
  10. i had the Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD in my last car and just wasn't 100% satisfied. Ive heard great things about the kenwoods tho i might have to try that one out
  11. how do you like that kenwood? any problems? is it pretty fast between options?
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