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  1. That XS Power logo you created is one of my favorite features of the truck. It might be a 'small detail' but it came out THAT well. I haven't posted on here in years now, but had to come in and comment on that thing.
  2. A look at things to come. Rockford DSMs going 6ch active on Daytons and Peerless. Wait for the build log.
  3. Curbed the fuck out of one of my wheels today. Thank god it was the stock one. Parallel parking next to some high ass 12" curb or something ridiculous.
  4. Is the bass going to knocc? Just kidding. I can't get over how clean it all is. I want to put it in a car that is also clear so that it can always be seen.
  5. Pretty much since OEMs had to switch to water-based paint (VOC reduction) there has been more orange peel. It's just the way things are now.
  6. Rocking a Dodge Dart rental while my car gets fixed...giant piece of shit. Can't be too mad though. The family that came in to Enterprise after was in a much worse accident. Currently looking at 2014+ IS 350 RWDs and IS Fs........
  7. This. I doubt the car is totaled. I'm guessing $4K in damage. Bumper cover/paint, crash beam, mounting tabs, fender liners(?), Adjuster said there's a little bit of unibody deformation too. So I'll just get fucked on resale. Will be filing a diminished value claim with her insurance to recoup some of the fucked-ness.
  8. ON THE WAY to get the ILX appraised at CarMax....idiot in an Impreza slammed into the back of me at a red light.
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