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  1. 2500 watts max? lol. Sounds just as extravagant as the Soundstream SPLX rating Unless you can flog them off for a profit then save the money
  2. I'm still going to do it, it will be this weekend when my cousin is down, if it is good enough I might try a dude hair trick with it. Lol
  3. Dayton and Malstorm (or Malstrom, whatever) are popular over at hometheatershack.com. Those dudes can probably help out better for home audio related stuff.
  4. Indeed it requires 50% more power. lol, and? What does that matter?
  5. I don't know how much it is, but if you can afford it, might as well get it. Just for that little bit of extra beefyness.
  6. This. I'd not recommend doing a box like that...just too risky depending on how small the cut-through is going to be compared to the normal size of the box. Yeah I agree with both of you it is risky. The cut through is going to have to be huge to compensate for the short height of the bed. I would be using every inch I can squeeze out of it leaving enough room to glass and attach to the body... Unless I can spec out a good 4th order BP in {16" X 39" X 60"} which will be tight with the 15.5 dia of the sub. I may be able to shave a bit off by removing the gasket though...and notch out a section in the top and bottom of the box. I would think that you're probably best off with a bp, the angle probably wouldn't matter really, it should be fine :-) How big is the hole you are going to cut be? I have a nice idea for how to do the box.
  7. Hmm, yes, this idea could work and look very nice if thought through well. It could be tricky to get the extra volume in the bed to not be too restricted at the cut through point. And might I say those 15"s look so beefy compared to the pics of my 18"s, I like the foam pads to stop tinsel slap too
  8. Ok cool, they are beasts! Haha. They aren't very photogenic though eh, they see to look smaller in pics. Yeah, after having so many people come on here with a brand new account and ask for advice on their big build when they don't actually have any of the equipment you have to double check eh. Ok, if you already have it then I guess it's fine, but consider swapping out for different ones. So what kinda box were you thinking of, what car?
  9. Congrats on the great sub! They are awesome aren't they? Post a pic with your username written on a bit of paper in the pic so I know you actually have one and aren't just dreamin' on here. I have 2 MT 18"s, and we just used the T&S parameters of the old BTL (non neo-mag one). If you actually have that amp, get rid of it, if you don't have it then good, don't get it. New Soundstream is shit in general, but those amps are even worse. Not to be an asshole but I'll help more if you prove you actually have one
  10. yeah, she'd probably be better off with a component set that has some nice kick. That way there wouldn't be any space taken up by a sub and the companies that make those shitty things wouldn't be supported. It would also be a better fix because it solves the problem rather than just putting a bandaid on it plus the speakers would sound better in general.
  11. please call it either a high pass filter or subsonic filter It's xplod Sorry, I just can't stand it when people use the phrase bass blocker or spell sony xplod wrong. lol. Just 2 pointless pet peeves, sorry 140 watts max Probably more like 30-50 watts RMS
  12. Nope! Im sitting right beside a stack of 4 DC XL 15's so 12's are out of the question lol I thought you said you had 2. My bad. 8 12"s? There would be more motor force (provided they were XLs) and more cone area, plus it would probably fit in, probably. Dude I just dropped close to 3K on my subs and amp! I'm not gonna use 12's in my build, I'm too far in to change it now lol Should have thought about that before buying them then shouldn't you! Or did you change cars?
  13. I've run a 3k Atomic on all stock (with 0g big 3 etc. of course) for a year with no issues, just had to run the engine when bumping, I'm sure he'd get away with one of those batts and his stock one just fine
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