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  1. man wish i could go!! you should go the 28th-31st ill be there for my 21st bday
  2. I vote this one i like it if i doesnt win is there a way i can still get one
  3. naw i guess he traded mr.p for something i forgot what he said and then i got them from mr.p about a couple months ago
  4. nice yea DC is great i have a blazer also with 2 lvl5 SPL 15" i love them
  5. nice that thing looks sexy i love my 15" lvl 5 spls there great but this 10" looks straight sexy lol
  6. yea thats sounds real good. i was thinkin black to cause white is nice but yea it does get dirty real easy. thanks for all your in puts a lot of good ideas thanks
  7. so my car is going into the shop wenesday to get painted pearl white...and now its time to redo interior to any suggestions on what color not to sure what i sould do. white or somethin else? just ask so throw me some ideas thanks
  8. I got mine today and that's what I'm doing is putting them in my doors I'll post pics asap
  9. yea i tryed the one with foam but didnt relly help ill have to try the one useing the washers thanks man
  10. hey thanks man the tape thing work pretty good but you do have to re-wrap it a lot cause it kills the tape but it does help a lot thanks
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